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3 Marketplace Apps for your Confluence!

The Atlassian Marketplace is a portal that provides access to many apps that will optmize tools that you use, like Jira, Confluence, Bamboo and others.

In addition, you can differentiate yourself by your integration potential.

It allows customers to discover and experiment apps, empowering their applications and enhancing the teamwork experience.

If you are interested in expanding your use of Confluence and turn it into a easily accessible knowledgebase for your customers, let’s give you tips on 3 apps to help you with your day-to-day life: Gliffy, Comala e Scroll View


To make it easier the absorption of contents and be able to explain your ideas more clearly, it is often necessary to use visual resources. Specially when working in IT and project management.

Gliffy has native integration with Confluence. With it you can creat flowcharts, org charts, export diagrams in various formats (JPEG, PNG and SVG), all of it with an intuitive interface with the drag-and-drop system.

It is also possible to change and customize what is created, tailoring your projects to your needs and your company.

In addition, Gliffy alows you and your team to work seamlessly, enabling it to edit your creations in line.

If you are a Project Manager for example, you can organize your tasks in different layers e evaluate how to allocate the hours of your team to accomplish them. But other areas also can benefit by using the tool to design the buyers and users journey, infrastructure architecture and much more. 


Usually when working team, we have review and approval steps. That’s where Comala shows up, simplifying this process by managing it sinde the draft until the final release.

You can assign people to review and approve your tasks, so a project moves on to the next phase.

Another cool app feature is that it allows you to create customizable workflows to your team and projects that will be done, as well as giving a Quality Supervisor all the necessary tools to it’s job.

Scroll View

Let’s suppose that you want Confluence with the look of your company. With Scroll View that’s possible!

With it you can develop different themes by writing templates in HTML, CSS or JavaScript and then, upload to Confluence.

The app also provides full control over how the content will be presented, whether it is to internal or external audience, like your customers.

Obs: Commala and Scroll View can be installed only on Server and Data Center instances. Gliffy works in all of them, including Cloud.