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3 Ways Jira Migration Can Improve Your Business

Atlassian tools like Jira, a powerful agile project management product, can help businesses achieve the process improvements they desire. Companies are actively searching for ways to streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase collaboration between teams for continued growth.

While many organizations already use Jira, a migration can help remove process inefficiencies with older versions and redundant data stored multiple times across instances. Often, organizations will consult with an Atlassian partner for migration best practices and guidance. Certified Atlassian Enterprise Solution Partners, like e-Core, use a methodical process to ensure migration success with all necessary data being transferred and retained.

Consolidate Instances and Standardize Processes

Companies running multiple Jira instances are prime candidates for a Jira migration. Distributed instances across different systems can make data management and organization a challenge. Additionally, different departments within an organization running unique Jira instances may have their own unique processes. A consolidation, which can be considered a special case of a migration, could solve this issue.

Businesses can consolidate instances and standardize processes. Organizations can give universal directives for processes when it comes to issue reporting, workflows, knowledge management, and more that can be managed directly using Jira or other Atlassian tools like Confluence. A unified process can bring organizations together, breaking down the very silos that inhibit collaboration and ultimately business growth.

Save Licensing Costs

Migration of distributed Jira instances to a single instance can also save in licensing costs, a costly proposition for many organizations. Each license permits only the deployment of a single instance of the software in a production environment. Even if businesses were using the same server to run multiple Jira instances, they would be responsible for the additional licenses.

Additionally, Atlassian uses a pay-per-user structure, in which larger companies will pay more for their Atlassian tools to get all users on the system. In the event that companies prefer distributed instances, they can balance users across instances to get the best value for their Atlassian tools.

Increase Collaboration Between Teams

Migrating users between instances is just one example of Jira’s offerings. Project managers can use Jira to facilitate better collaboration between teams, and separate development activities from non-development activities. We helped one of our clients achieve this two-instance setup using two marketplace apps, ultimately upgrading their four Jira environments.

Organizations that are able to consolidate instances, centralize processes, optimize licenses, and increase collaboration between teams have a strong foundation for future growth and scaling opportunities.

An Atlassian Solution Partner like e-Core can help facilitate your Jira migration to improve your business. Our team will work with your organization from start to finish. This includes analysis of current systems, development of a migration plan, execution of the plan, and post-migration maintenance and support to ensure your business enjoys sustained success as it continues to grow.