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We know how to accelerate your business through technology solutions

We combine technology expertise with experienced teams to help your company solve complex problems at the speed the market demands.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with an innovative and disruptive idea or a long-established company seeking new competitive advantages, market growth opportunities have never been greater for those who can best exploit technology solutions. Easier said than done, right?

The most successful companies are fast and agile; continually adopting and using new tools, practices and technologies. Successful companies also ensure new methods appropriately mesh with their context and culture. 

They are proactive, foreseeing the marketplace changes and new players that occur so quickly nowadays. Successful companies continually and vigorously compete via new digital solutions.

It is no coincidence that here at e-Core, helping companies deliver technology solutions better and faster is, literally, in our “core”. We breathe technology. We exist for that.


How do we help companies deliver technology solutions?

With more than 20 years of experience, we help companies to deliver technology solutions through customized software development services, software specialists and technical support squads.

In addition, we are an Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner with more than 12 years of experience. Our consulting services help companies to optimize their business through Atlassian solutions, Business Agility, ITSM and DevOps.

 It doesn’t matter if your company is just beginning an agile transformation journey, or already adapting agile practices, or scaling development capabilities. We add our experience in software development to organizational agility and Atlassian expertise to solve complex technological challenges at the speed the market requires.

To deliver solutions, we combine people, practices, tools and technology services in three major business areas: codeLab, consulting and supportOps. Read further to understand what each one offers your business.


At codeLab, we have over 20 years of experience in software solutions. We deliver technology through highly qualified software and product specialists. We recommend and implement software architecture, development and management solutions through the market’s best and latest technologies.

Through customized software development services, we operate in all stages of digital product development: from conception and strategy to user experience, design and complete solution coding.

For some customers we work only on the initial version of the product in an MVP format. We validate hypotheses and test them in the market with a focus on solving the main pains of your target audience, but with significant savings in time and cost.

Our codeLab extended teams can also help you scale your software development team. Whether through a part-time dedicated professional or a development squad, e-Core provides professionals with the highest standards of culture, communication, technical skills and experience in agile methods. 

We offer specialists with experience in the main technologies and programming languages. We deliver perfect integration with your management and technology teams.

You achieve agile solutions without bureaucracy. We offer the necessary predictability to succeed in software development projects. Whether your organization is established in the market or a startup, our teams can be your secret weapon for success.


With more than 12 years of consulting experience, and the authority of an Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner, we offer clients real leadership in successful Atlassian solutions implementations.

We deliver these solutions through certified and qualified consultants. They identify your company’s biggest challenges, then customize tailor-made solutions for your technical, product and business teams.

Applying our capabilities in Atlassian solutions, Business Agility, ITSM and DevOps practices, we provide a consultative approach laser-focused on business results. We ensure your company is able to keep up with technological changes at the speed the market demands, thereby achieving better and faster quality deliveries.


Our supportOps solutions have a clear mission: to fill the gap between technical support and digital product monitoring in a 24/7 model, helping your company to grow at a fast pace, without feeling the pain caused by growth and scale of operations.

Whether through a part-time support engineer or a fully dedicated support team, we deliver the experience gained in more than 2 million hours of support provided, in addition to a proprietary framework to ensure more efficient operation, with reduced costs and high levels of CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score).


e-Core worldwide

With headquarters in Brazil, the United States and Mexico, e-Core has served more than 250 clients worldwide. With 15 years of global experience in operations, we have already worked on projects for clients in Brazil, the United States, Iceland, Japan, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Russia, and many others.


e-Core for you?

If it is time to accelerate and scale your business, count on the experience and expertise of our team. We are ready to help you take your business to the next level through better and faster technology solutions.