Prevent, find, and fix bugs earlier and faster

Adopt the latest trends and best practices. Run automated regression tests triggered by your Continuous Integration tool. Create unit tests and make sure your tests are covering the most crucial areas of your application.
40-60% cost reduction
80% faster test cycles
Up to 90% test coverage
Better user experience
Accelerate your test automation on top of HP UFT/QTP and Selenium with Vortex

Vortex is our abstraction framework that: simplifies the creation and maintenance of scripts with shorter, more legible code; improves error handling; provides a data repository for data-driven scripts and no hard coding; generates beautiful reports integrated with your test management tool and speeds up your test automation team.

Dashboard Metrics
Our quality assurance solutions provide real time testing metrics aligned with your enterprise’s business processes and software development methodology of choice.
  Measure your test coverage increase

 Monitor and decrease your technical debt

 Monitor test metrics of your continuous delivery processes

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