This training is for teams wanting to improve the build process and adopt continuous integration and continuous delivery on the development cycle. Learn how to be more efficient — deploying faster and better. Take advantage of Bamboo’s integration capabilities and keep track of your process across the Atlassian tools. This training will help you transform your development culture by using automated software development build processes and by collaborating more effectively within a development environment.

On-site or remote

Target Audience
Development Teams

Basic knowledge of Jira Software and DevOps


  • Product Introduction
  • Bamboo Core Concepts
  • Bamboo vs. Jenkins
  • Setting up Build Plans for Your Environment
    • Stages
    • Jobs
    • Plan Branches
  • Working with Existing Build Plans
  • Testing and Test Results
  • Advanced Build Plan Configuration
  • Release Notes
  • Deployment Projects Using Bamboo
    • Tasks, Releases and Environments
  • Setting up Remote Agents
    • Distributing Your Builds Across Different Machines
  • Integrating Bamboo with Atlassian Applications
    • Jira
    • Bitbucket
    • HipChat and Continuous Integration
    • Delivery Cycles
  • Administration
    • Installation and Upgrades
    • System Settings
    • Managing Users and Permissions
    • Backing Up Your Data
    • Generating Metrics and Reports
    • Tracking Information
    • Dashboards Notifications
  • Bamboo Extensions