Bitbucket for Agile Teams

This course demonstrates execution of a project in an agile way — integrating your activities with code while following the best structure of Git and Gitflow. You will plan activities, integrating them alongside code, keeping track of what was done and the traceability of the code developed. Integrate commits, branches and perform the Pull Request for the merge in the production branch. Learn how to follow the best development flow for your team and have everything organized in Atlassian tools.

On-site or remote

Target Audience
Developers, Developer Coordinators and Quality Analysts

GIT knowledge


  • Bitbucket Overview
  • What’s DVCS?
  • Overview about GIT
  • GitFlow Concepts
  • Bitbucket Structure
    • Projects
    • Repositories
  • Sourcetree Integration
  • Bitbucket Communication
    • Commit
    • Push
    • Pull
  • Using Branches
  • Creating Pull Requests
  • Overview from Repositories
    • Commits
    • Source
    • Permissions
  • Jira Integration
    • User Branches
    • Commits Integration
    • Developer View in Jira