5 Reasons to Conduct an Atlassian Training

10 January 2018 | Articles

When implementing new solutions and tools to your company, or expanding the adoption to other departments, it´s common that new users face a learning curve. But some business demands are a high priority and time is of the essence. In order to avoid the risks of starting with a poor configuration on your applications due to lack of experience on the tools, Atlassian trainings are a good way to develop your employee’s skill set and promote the right knowledge to use and administrate the tools.

Save time learning the structure and best practices when working with the Atlassian tools. With flexible training programs, support materials, and real-life examples of challenges that you face on your environment on a daily basis, our Atlassian trainings can soften the learning curve and increase JiraJira Service DeskConfluence and Bitbucket adoption.

We listed 5 reasons why you should trust your Atlassian tools and training to e-Core:

Certified and Experienced Atlassian Experts

Our consultants are certified professionals that have expertise on Confluence, JIRA, JIRA Service Desk and Bitbucket administration, customization and implementation. We’ve worked with different environments from small to enterprise level, across multiple industries and we’re ready to understand what knowledge your team needs to succeed while using and administrating your Atlassian environment.

Our combined years of experience enables us to understand the main challenges users face when starting to use, configure, manage, and adopt their Atlassian tools in other departments. We can transfer that knowledge to help you understand how to administer a reliable environment with performance and efficiency to manage projects, spaces, repositories, and users.

User Confidence

When you develop your team’s skills you address their weaknesses and provide guidance and improvement, therefore, increasing their overall productivity and ability to perform their jobs. A confident user will have a strong working knowledge of how the tools work and follow best practices set within the organization, allowing them to unleash their full potential. Training empowers people, saves time, and sets usage standards and processes allowing you to design better workflows, configuration settings, and build a reliable environment that everyone is confidently using and administrating giving you a solid return on investment.

Flexible On-Demand Training Program

We offer flexible dates and times that align with your schedule and budget needs. We can customize your trainings to support your daily routines and processes, and address the challenges that you face on a daily basis. Our awareness of differentiating characteristics within each environment and work processes allow us to suggest best practices to improve your team collaboration through the right usage of Atlassian tools.

Atlassian Reference

With more than 10 years working in this area, we can say that we breathe Atlassian solutions, both as users, consultants, and support providers, and we can help you on your journey. We are Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partners, consistently achieving the highest partnership level on license selling, consulting services, and product administration, and are able to work on enterprise environments that need to scale to handle more than 1,000 users.

Training Program

When users are tasked with administrating a tool with limited working knowledge, mistakes with configurations are bound to happen. When starting to adopt the solution these mistakes can reduce performance and generate a poorly administered tool, which can decrease users satisfaction. By developing your skills with Atlassian trainings, you’ll learn best practices to use features, understand how the apps integrate with Atlassian tools, and why you should use them.

Our JIRA training provides a hands-on experience with project structures and settings, as well as issue types, workflows, custom fields and other features. On Confluence you’ll understand how to use macros, have dynamic content and learn how apps can enhance this experience. Additionally, if you faced problems managing users, we can help you with LDAP, Active Directory and other integrations best practices.

Trust your Atlassian training to e-Core, an Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solutions Partner.

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