Atlassian and e-Core together at Agile Brazil 2016

14 November 2016 | Events

This year’s theme of Agile Brazil focused on returning to the origins of agile as well as the constant evolution and application of the methods on different scenarios and corporations. With five different tracks, 75+ talks, keynotes, presentations and hands-on workshops, the event brought together over 1,000 experts, enthusiasts and agilists. This year’s event was held at PUC-PR in Curitiba, Brazil, on November 7 – 9.

Agile DNA empowered by Atlassian Tools

During these three days immersed on Agile Methodologies, Atlassian and e-Core talked about DevOps, best practices and highlighted our expertise on implementing and customizing Atlassian solutions to improve software development and teamwork. Our experts presented insightful demos and information on JIRA Software, Confluence, Hipchat and Bitbucket and their agile benefits; along with helpful and innovative plugins and add-ons.

Along with its focus on Atlassian tools, one of e-Core’s missions is to help organizations reach their goals through agile methods improvement. Through high-performance teams, combining technical skills, focusing on customers satisfaction and using the best agile practices; we believe that together, we can accomplish the overall business goals of our clients. We face the challenges and benefits of working with agile methodologies, both internally and alongside our customer projects, and we were excited to share our experience and tips.

Scaling Without Expanding: a DevOps story

At the event, Vinicius Linck, one of e-Core’s Enterprise Architects, talked about DevOps and how Atlassian uses their stack of products alongside third party tools like Puppet Terraform and Datadog to provide a build platform for Atlassian’s developers:

“When your business starts to grow, specially in terms of popularity you will realize that you need to scale with a minimum level of agility, specially on IT software industry.

Communication starts to be crucial to keep your workflow in a good shape and agile methodologies are part of your company DNA. But probably you are still feeling that something is missing and you don’t have the control about all project streams, right? So DevOps is the next step for you.”

“Through automation techniques DevOps culture removes the barriers between your teams and break company silos to make the communication flow smooth and keep the project development mainline focused on get things done without wasting time on repetitive bits and tasks.

Atlassian tools were build for automation and productivity. The integration capabilities among the stack and with several market solutions allows any company to break those walls and scale the business without expanding the teams. You can evolve from a CI/CD pipeline stage and start to define ChatOps and Tracking strategies, bringing the support team closer to the development team and creating a trust and transparency environment between your company and the customers.”

If see how you can integrate DevOps into your team’s culture and processes, click here.

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