Atlassian Open Forum NYC 2018

21 May 2018 | Atlassian, Events

Yesterday, we hosted the Atlassian Open Forum NYC at the Executive Conference Center on Broadway in Times Square. The forum was focused on taking your IT Service Management (ITSM) to the next level with Atlassian, highlighting their approach and reviewing the features and benefits of JIRA Service Desk, and Marketplace Add-ons such as Riada’s Insight.

Jennifer LaBollita, Marketing Specialist at e-Core, opened the session with an introduction about e-Core and our Atlassian journey as a Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner.

Updates from Atlassian

Following that, Sean Burton, e-Core Software Sales Representative, presented some updates from Atlassian. Among the news and updates, our speaker highlighted that the company is positioned as a leader on the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning. Additional insights were shared about the company’s evolution transitioning from a product-centric company to developing a strong ecosystem which now focuses on sharing practices specifically when speaking to teamwork.

Their position as an extensible solution has been strengthened by their support of Data Center amongst the other Cloud and Server deployment options suitable to host a company at any size in their maturity, but more importantly be able to scale with their growth and back their investment with the Atlassian ecosystem. The presentation closed out with some brief announcements on feature and version updates available which can be found in the Atlassian Playbook here.

AOF NY Atlassian Updates - Sean Burton

The Atlassian Approach to ITSM

Our next presenter, Steven Meadows, Atlassian Technical Consultant, delivered the Atlassian approach to IT Service Management. He started by explaining the many challenges IT teams are facing and the price tag associated with these challenges. He began to shed some light and introduce JIRA Service Desk, a help desk tool that allows teams to work together in a more efficient manner. He explained how the tool is ITIL-certified by PinkVerify™ and Axelos™ and is certified in Incident, Change, and Problem Management along with Service Request Fulfillment.

He transitioned into change management and discussed why open and streamlined methods of communication are imperative when managing incidents. Effectively communicating with your customers using Jira Service Desk and Statuspage, for instance, helps to resolve incidents faster by connecting teams on incident awareness and progress. Other Atlassian tools such as, Hipchat and Stride allow teams to use a ChatOps approach and have an open line of communication that is focused on specific incidents and issues.

He then discussed how JIRA Service Desk allows for an effective and streamlined approach to improving your approval process when it comes to change management. Automated workflows and processes can be established to move the approval process along swimmingly. Scheduled maintenance and changes can be easily monitored, planned for, and scheduled using Team Calendars.

Next, he reviewed how having a solid process for documenting your PIR (Post-Implementation Reviews) allows you to effectively manage and get ahead of incidents before it becomes a recurring nuance. By linking change requests with your incident issues, and managing your PIR process you create a continuous feedback loop and essentially bring IT and Development teams closer together to better understand root cause and analysis of an incident.

Lastly, he went into the importance of self-sufficiency. By allowing users the ability to self-service their requests, you are optimizing expenditures and will realize savings therefore strengthening your return on investment with Atlassian. Service request fulfillment is all about giving users the ability to find the information on their own, or submit their requests within one centralized portal.

The section closed out with him recapping how all these processes are encapsulated within the Atlassian ecosystem and reminded the audience of the deep integrations, and philosophy of teams shared across the product suite.

JIRA Service Desk and extensibility with Markeplace apps

Marco Roman, Director of our Atlassian Practice Area, took the mic and began with a brief explanation of the advantages of using Data Center solutions to scale mission-critical Atlassian applications with high-availability, predictable costs, and performance at scale.

He also presented the extensibility and flexibility of the over 600+ available Atlassian Marketplace apps and how they improve your ITSM machine adding new features to your solution. The asset management apps Insight and Insight Discovery from Riada were highlighted and provided an overview on how to add CMDB resources and track your inventory connecting these Apps with JIRA Service Desk.

AOF ITSM with Atlassian - Marco Roman

Tips to Improve ITSM from an Atlassian Expert

Next Marco presented the audience with some best practices for improving service management for IT and non-IT teams. Tips included creating automations from recurring tasks, integrating monitoring tools with JIRA Service Desk, and classifying known errors, amongst many others.

He shared the process that we use to analyze and evaluate our customers environment to provide the right recommendations to improve and maximize on the benefits of their Atlassian environment so the audience could take that back to their workplace and put into practice.

Customer Cases and How e-Core can Help you

He then presented three customer cases on how Atlassian tools present a flexible environment that can centralize your projects and processes. While providing crucial information for managers and helping teams prioritizing and tracking their tasks, the solutions also help companies deliver an outstanding customer service experience by having a single platform that connects different tools, issues and knowledge base articles.


Closing out the presentations, we awarded attendees by giving them a FREE JIRA Service Desk training (valued at $500) and we held a raffle giving away an Amazon Echo Dot and a charity donation of choice to two lucky attendees.

We appreciate the participation of all who presented and attended the event and look forward to our next Atlassian Open Forum. Follow us on social media to stay updated on upcoming events.

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