Atlassian Open Forum São Paulo Reaches Record Attendance

2 April 2018 | News

Last week, our São Paulo office in Brazil held the first of a scheduled round of events focused on ITSM being held throughout North and South America. The event received almost 120 participants, among them users and aspiring clients of Atlassian tools. The session began with an introduction to the current e-Core expansion reported by the VP of Marketing and Sales – Brazil, André Palma.

Updates from Atlassian

Following that, Atlassian Channel Manager (South America), Julio Chez, presented the latest updates from the multinational company. Among the highlights are:

  • Home for Cloud enabling integration of Atlassian solutions within a single page making it easier to view and centralize tasks and notifications from different tools.
  • Release of the mobile application for Confluence Server.
  • New JIRA updates that intend to revolutionize the way teams collaborate.
  • Stride features in practice and how it connects with tools like Trello.

Ending the first part of the event, Danilo Lima, an e-Core consultant, showed an overview of the different approaches of ITSM tools and how flexibility can set apart when you’re deciding on your solutions. He presented how JIRA Service Desk can work in different areas of ITIL, allowing users to customize, automate, and centralize your processes in an easy way.

Atlassian in Action

Kicking off the second part of the event, Daiane Conte, JIRA consultant of Flytour Group presented on why they chose JIRA Service Desk to centralize and monitor their service requests. She also explained how apps like Script Runner and EazyBI amongst others helped to empower and generate more robust reports, and automate the solution.

Marketplace Apps to Close the Loop

The last session was presented by e-Core consultants, Luiz Basílio and Rodrigo Silva, who dove into the Atlassian Marketplace Apps that can help expand and add new functionality to ITSM, boosting its use. Among the featured tools were Insight, nFeed, and Refined Theme. The speakers also discussed how integrations between JIRA Service Desk and tools like Hipchat and Statuspage help improve team communication and transparency with the end user.

We appreciate the participation of all who presented and attended the event and look forward to our next Atlassian Open Forum.

ITSM Event Coming to NYC in May

The next event is coming to New York City on Wednesday, May 16th, 2018 at the Executive Conference Center on Broadway, near Times Square. Registration is now open and seating is limited. To reserve your spot, register here.

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