3 Ways Atlassian Partners Help You Maximize Your Tools

27 November 2018 | Articles, Atlassian

Many businesses understand the need for Atlassian tools like Jira and Confluence to improve issue reporting, knowledge management, and collaboration between teams. Despite this understanding, organizations are quick to fall back into process inefficiencies, spending more time trying to figure out how to use the tools rather than using them quickly to push their company forward.

If your business is looking to implement Atlassian tools, consultancy with an Atlassian Solution Partner can help with maintenance and support of tools to keep your environment available, updated, and properly configured followingIT services delivery best practices set by ITIL standards that match your business requirements.

Atlassian Solution Partners can help with support and guidance, system administration, solution hosting and more. In turn, your organization can spend more time focusing on meaningful tasks to drive business value.

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One-on-One Guidance for Atlassian Tools

Businesses will often invest in Atlassian tools to become more agile, however, an Atlassian Partner can help maximize their power. These tools are designed to improve processes, not complicate them further. One-on-one guidance can give your business individualized attention for guaranteed success.

Atlassian Solution Partners are available to respond to service outages and incidents as well as answer individual questions about Atlassian tools and Marketplace Apps. Users who leverage Atlassian Partners as a resource are much more likely to see the positive results they seek when implementing Atlassian tools. Our team at e-Core is committed to providing the one-on-one guidance customers want in Atlassian partners to offer customized solutions and ensure support every step of the way.

Facilitate System Administration with Atlassian Solution Partners

System administration is a cumbersome task that can siphon valuable time away from other essential tasks. Investing in Atlassian tools is a great start, but the assistance of an Atlassian Solution Partner shifts the task of managing Atlassian tools and daily processes to our team, freeing your organization to focus on more crucial business processes.

Atlassian Solution Partners are well-equipped to handle system administration and process management needs. These experts can help organize your Atlassian tools to make sure all employees are on the same page when it comes to issue reporting and knowledge management. Leaving these tasks to the experts can free your business to do the meaningful work that positively affects your bottom line.

Hosting Your Atlassian Environment

Beyond facilitating daily system administration tasks, businesses can work with Atlassian partner to host their environments based on business needs. However, making sure that the environment is running optimally generally requires a dedicated team. Instead of having a team in-house to handle such needs, Atlassian Solution Partners can manage your Atlassian environment on a server or in the cloud to ensure that it stays running and continues to facilitate process improvements for your business.

In the case of organizations with large amounts of data, a federated environment might be the best solution. A federated environment is one where teams can work autonomously, yet be under the overall organizational umbrella. Companies may need assistance hosting this multiple-server instance setup as each department or project would host their instance on a unique server. While many organizations seek to consolidate, having separate instances could be beneficial for project management and security purposes. Although a federated environment is not for everyone, those businesses looking to scale find that using multiple instances can help scalability given Atlassian’s price structure. Atlassian Solution Partners can help mitigate the complexities of hosting and maintaining a federated environment for continued growth.

Working with an Atlassian Partner to get maintenance and support for your new environments is a critical step in guaranteeing business process efficiency improvements.  e-Core can help your business every step of the way offering guidance, handling system administration, and hosting your environment.

We offer three levels of maintenance and support. Download a copy of our Service Plans PDF to determine how our team can help your organization reach its goals maximizing the power of your Atlassian tools every step of the way.

Learn more about our Service Plans to determine which will help your business grow. [PDF]

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