3 Benefits of Working With an Atlassian Partner for Data Migration and Consolidation

8 October 2018 | Articles, Atlassian

Transferring data safely and efficiently is a major concern for companies across all industries. A data migration entails the risk of data loss or corruption, which can have far-reaching consequences for the entire organization.

Data migration is necessary when shifting away from legacy systems, or moving applications between server and cloud environments. Data consolidation occurs when a business decides to integrate instances across different departments, functions or locations into a single system.

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In either event, a company faces the risk of:

  • Data loss
  • Data corruption
  • Application instability
  • Disruption of service

A partner company that is experienced in executing complex migration and consolidation processes using the best practices in the market can be an invaluable resource to help clients on address the changes their business requirements. Some of the benefits of working with an Atlassian partner for data migration and consolidation of tools like Jira, Jira Service Desk, HipChat or Confluence include:

1. Knowledge and experience. While an Atlassian data migration or consolidation is an infrequent occurrence in a corporate IT department, a partner company has conducted hundreds of these projects of varying scope. That experience can be applied to your data migration or consolidation of instances and applied to create a low-risk project plan and implementation.

2. Reduced risk. Using an Atlassian partner in a large-scale project can reduce associated risks in two main ways. First, the practices and philosophy are structured toward making good decisions in the planning and implementation of technology projects. An Atlassian expert knows how to best apply these competencies to a migration or consolidation project. Second, an Atlassian partner that has experience in similar projects can apply this knowledge and further reduce risks associated with moving data to different environments or integrating data from different sources.

3. Efficiency. Employing a partner company to facilitate a large-scale project frees up resources that would otherwise be dedicated to the data migration or consolidation. With an experienced partner to create an implementation plan, create development environments, conduct testing, and oversee the eventual transfer of data, the in-house IT department can oversee the project, but spend their limited time and resources efficiently.

An Atlassian data migration or consolidation of instances is a complicated process and one that carries a high degree of risk for an organization. It is vital that a large-scale, high-risk, complex project be conducted with the best practices available.

e-Core, as a seasoned Atlassian partner, has the knowledge and experience to help an organization make the best decisions to reduce the risks associated with data migration and consolidation of instances projects.

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