Core Values in Practice – How Values are Important at e-Core

19 August 2013 | Articles

By Matheo Pegoraro, VP of Service Delivery at e-Core

Are you familiar with your company’s values? Are you aligned with them? At e-Core, we strive to make sure our values and those of our team members are exercised daily.  We strongly believe that, by basing our day to day activities and decisions on our core values, each and every one of our team members can have the latitude to excel at their work and delight customers by providing positive experiences (our first value, by the way).

This approach has allowed e-Core to build respectful, transparent and long-lasting relationships with clients, employees, vendors and partners. The resulting collaborative and trust based environment also contributes to e-Core’s recognized and awarded Human Resources practices. Happier employees tend to be more productive and stay with the company longer, which also benefits our customers with increased productivity and high retention rates.

Many times, company values, along with other tenets such as mission, vision and related strategy tend to be forgotten in a webpage, orientation book or welcome session. So how does e-Core bring those values to life?

In order to accomplish such objectives, e-Core has implemented a program to allow its team members to better understand and relate to each value. A value oriented decision framework has also been presented, which allows each employee to weigh decisions in relation to company values.

A first set of 10 meetings was held with the participation of the management team. After an initial introductory session, the team had 2 to 3 hour meetings for each value. During each session, the conversations revolved around:

  • Understanding of what the value represents.
  • Real examples experienced by the team members for when the value was perceived.
  • Counter examples, or examples of when the value was broken or not followed.

Following the success of this first initiative, e-Core’s Human Resources team is now leading a second round of sessions. This time, the discussions are being held among e-Core Team Leaders and Supervisors. This approach has driven additional alignment and also allowed each team leader to further observe and reinforce expected behavior within their teams.

Ultimately, e-Core will have a combination of a strong and culturally aligned team with supporting documents (intranet wiki articles, examples, videos) that will further strengthen its practices.

A well-known example and inspiration of such principles in practice is represented by Zappos. In his book, Delivering HappinessTony Hsieh describes how the creation of a corporate culture was one of the defining factors for the success of the online retailer.  The resulting Culture Book is also worthy of notice, as is the understanding that the company values are not only those set by the management team, but also how they are perceived and experienced daily by its employees.

Have you experienced similar practices or related benefits? Do you feel aligned with your company’s values? We welcome your participation.

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