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20 December 2017 | News

Before we jumped into the core content of the forum, we took some time to recap on Atlassian updates throughout the year including some of their newest products, Stride and Trello. The forum was filled with a mix of Atlassian users and non-users, and triggered thoughtful conversation around implementing DevOps by leveraging best practices.

It was a great setting to help identify if business goals and objectives had been met through current implementations, raise awareness to areas that would benefit from improved processes, and reevaluate the oncoming years business needs.

Atlassian Summit Review

Matheo Pegoraro, VP of Sales, opened the session presenting e-Core’s Atlassian partnership and highlighting how our Atlassian Consulting offer grew this year, which supports the adoption and growth Atlassian has recognized worldwide. Introducing the updates from the Atlassian Summit, he presented Stride, the new collaboration tool, and its power to transform ideas and conversation into actions and decisions without changing context.

Another great feature of the tool is the focus mode that helps your team keep their flow while doing their tasks and, at the same time, keeps a history of the important things that were discussed while you were away focusing on your activities.

At the end, Matheo talked about the teamwork platform and how it improves the ways teams work together. Approaching three main pillars: People, Elements, and Home, it comes as the next step in the journey to enhance collaboration and communication between different areas and teams.

Collaboration and Management with Trello

Lauren Moon, Content Manager at Trello, introduced the hip new player in the Atlassian product suite. She presented some basic concepts in Trello structure and collaborative features that explains how this collaboration tool is important to improve teamwork both for IT and non-IT technical teams working together to get things done.

From simple personal things such as planning a vacation, to manager visibility into the employee’s workload, Trello is focused on bringing the flexibility and intuitive user interface forward to make every plan possible.

Lauren talked about the seamless integrations with Atlassian tools and how you can benefit from the Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket Power-ups. She closed it out by gifting the attendees with three free months of Trello Gold.

The Atlassian Approach to DevOps

Marco Roman, e-Core’s Atlassian Consulting Director, took the stage and dove into the DevOps practice. Since it’s a culture where IT and Dev work together to release faster and reduce silos, it’s focused on collaboration, communication and automation. Our teammate talked about the rule of three, where you provide visibility across groups, amplify feedback by swarming on incidents, and enhances a culture of continuous experimentation – promoting a culture of learning.

Marco highlighted the importance of culture, practices and tools to be successful with DevOps. By sharing responsibilities, connecting different teams and building transparency and empathy, companies develop a culture of collaboration that impacts the time-to-market.

DevOps empowers different practices that generates more frequent deployments, accelerate development and provides faster recoveries from failures, like Agile, DCVS and continuous integration.


Atlassian approaches DevOps as a complete software development lifecycle by providing the right tools to collaborate during every stage:

  • Confluence document processes, list requirements and provides a single place to gather all information.
  • Jira helps you track your progress, plan your activities and create branches in Bitbucket, so everyone is on the same page, and you can monitor when someone create pull requests or code reviews.
  • And when the topic is Continuous Integration, you can rely on Bamboo, deploying faster and giving visibility on branches and builds.
  • When everything is deployed, you can track customers’ issues on Jira Service Desk, communicate incidents with Statuspage and creating war rooms to solve these problems on Hipchat.

Closing out the workflow, Atlassian solutions connect with tools like Docker, Puppet, NewRelic or Splunk to help them perform an automated and integrated job if something is missing from the master toolset.

The event came to an end with a few questions from the attendees who wanted to understand a better way to conduct QA testing, and another non-user who wanted some guidance and advice on transitioning their team into a DevOps practice. As the year concludes, we ask you how you can improve on your DevOps processes and adoption?

e-Core is an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner that specializes in helping you achieve your business goals. If you want to improve your ROI, software development and team collaboration with Atlassian solutions, talk to one of our consultants.

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