Highlights and Headlines from the Atlassian Summit 2015

12 November 2015 | News

“Awesome new features are coming up! Realtime collaborative editing, file pinning and commenting will be quite handy. SmartGraph will be a game changer for Atlassian by introducing machine learning to the suite of products we all love!” – Ricardo Arnt, e-Core

By: Allison Riggs, North American Marketing Director at e-Core

Earlier this month our team was excited and privileged to attend the Atlassian Summit in San Francisco, CA.  This event is ALL THINGS ATLASSIAN and showcases the best of the best – Experts, Add-ons, Tech Talks and much more. The keynotes were amazing with a big focus from Atlassian on hearing and acting on customer feedback (including incorporating many enhancements like mobility, performance, enterprise offerings and support; which was a result of customer feedback from previous Summits), improving integration and connectivity between the tools and improving user experience for business, IT and development teams. With over 2,600 attendees present – it has been one of our favorite Summits yet.

Here are a few of the top highlights features from Atlassian:

  • Atlassian has reached over 50,000 customers worldwide. 5,000 of the 50,000 have more than 1,000 users. There are over 5M users of the Atlassian products across the globe.
  • 79 of the Fortune 100 are Atlassian customers.
  • More integration and enhancements on Cloud going forward with more than 50% of Atlassian customers using Cloud and an increasing focus on Cloud solutions by Atlassian.
  • Atlassian Marketplace is one of the largest in the world with more than 2,000 add-ons and $100m in add-on sales.
  • 50% of teams are now using JIRA beyond Software (IT + Business users).

e-Core was proud to have had a client, AGCO speaking in the event. Diogo Lucas spoke about how AGCO is using Atlassian tools to increase their software development productivity. To watch the video of this presentation, click the video below or click here. For more details about AGCO’s case and e-Core, click here.

With so many topics, trends and sessions going on at the event, there was a lot to take in this year. Here are our key take aways and what you should be on the look out for in 2016:

  • New version of Portfolio for JIRA to be launched soon with real-time integration with JIRA issues and enhanced planning capabilities. It also consolidates project planning, automatic scheduling, real time sync with JIRA issues. Manual tasks are now automated – plug and plan with JIRA issues, full visibility for decision making and prioritizing.
  • Enhanced JIRA and Confluence integration – new features arriving next year: Software Space in Confluence available to connect JIRA Project to Confluence Space, automatic and useful for stats, reporting, real-time visualization.
  • Bitbucket for Data Center now has Active Clustering and Smart Mirroring – built for distributed teams for faster access and reducing clone hours. Advanced support for large files (videos, binary, etc.) with the new version of Bitbucket.
  • Enhanced release hub in JIRA now allows visualization in real time of Bamboo builds and stats for each version. Also additional release statuses, forecast and details are available.
  • Concurrent editing and edit-in-place functionality for Confluence to be launched soon.
    • Atlassian is focusing more on ChatOps – Central team communications, integrate with the tools teams use, optimized for software teams
      • HipChat Connect – create add-ons and integrate with multiple third-party products for notifications, discussions, build results, issue review, polls, surveys, etc – all inside HipChat.
      • HipChat integration with JIRA with several improvements as a result of HipChat Connect. Notifications can be aggregated and displayed in sidebar with additional content. Also operations can be executed through HipChat interface affecting other systems directly.
      • Ability to create HipChat rooms directly from JIRA Service Desk

For a quick recap of the whole event, please watch the video below or you can access all the videos from the event here.

To learn more about these updates, to have a tour of the new suite of JIRA or if you have any other questions, please contact us by clicking here or email us at [email protected]

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