ITSM Definition: What is IT Service Management?

17 August 2018 | Articles

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) refers to all the activities, from policies to processes to procedures, which include strategic design and technology implementation to help a business meet organizational goals. By following ITIL best practices, the world’s most widely-used service management framework, IT service management helps to align the functions and assets of IT to your overall business. ITSM has many business benefits, especially for those in the finance, healthcare, and insurance industries.

Many organizations want to implement ITSM for process improvements; however, they have reservations about successful data migration and more. Today, ITSM partners can help address common pitfalls to ensure that companies can fully leverage the power of ITSM tools.

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IT service management has significant benefits for businesses who want to automate processes for improved efficiency. These benefits include improved operations, lower costs, mitigated risk, increased flexibility and agility, and exemplary service for internal employees and external customers. For example, a business could implement a self-service knowledge base to help customers find solutions faster, reduce the amount of open tickets, and help internal agents to resolve problems more efficiently.

Many ITSM suites even provide employees with mobile access, allowing them to access tools and make changes on the go. This ability is especially critical in today’s world, where customers are looking for instant gratification and remote access.

How ITSM supports business alignment

According to a recent survey¹, 40% of employees are unaware of their company’s business goals and objectives. ITSM tools, such as ITIL-certified Jira Service Desk², will help these employees and organizations with the overall alignment of business and IT goals, an essential facet of customer-facing organizations. IT service management facilitates business alignment through the creation of IT and customer service management practices using a variety of frameworks, including ITIL. Businesses who are in alignment not only have better organizational efficiency but see significantly lower costs, in turn yielding a higher return on investment.

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Finance, healthcare, and insurance companies gain the most significant benefits from ITSM implementation. These businesses want to build advanced solutions that improve speed, reliability, communications, and customer service while adding security measures not provided by legacy counterparts not utilizing IT service management. Technology continues to revolutionize the way companies in these sectors interact with customers, and organizations who fail to adopt newer methods such as the improved processes of ITSM are at risk of getting left behind.

Proper implementation is critical for success

While many businesses recognize the need for ITSM, they often fail to equip teams with the necessary tools for successful implementation. ITSM partners like e-Core ensure that clients have a successful implementation of solutions to improve organizational process efficiencies, end-user experiences, and overall customer satisfaction. Partners are also instrumental in making technology recommendations to facilitate this process – whether it means retiring old technologies for new ones or improving existing solutions.

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