JIRA: An ally in the implementation of agile practices

27 October 2016 | Articles

Next month, our Brazil Team will be traveling to Curitiba to join Atlassian at the biggest event about agile methodologies in the southern hemisphere, Agile Brazil 2016.

As an Atlassian Platinum Expert partner and a company that breathes agile methodologies, we could not help but bring a general view about how Atlassian‘s tools can help your team implement and live these practices.

Here are our top reasons JIRA Software + Portfolio for JIRA is Agile’s best ally:

JIRA Software and it’s Agile features

What does it take to have an Agile team? It depends on factors like your company’s culture and the talents that makes up your team, but we also know which tool you choose has a huge impact on how you scale and manage your team’s performance.

Whether you chose Kanban or Scrum, or even a hybrid solution to better meet your demands, JIRA is ready to be your main resource on planning and managing your projects. Changed your mind? Just create a new board!

The customization possibility allows working with different workflows and transitions, establishing management reports and graphs that provide an enhanced view of your team’s performance. Also, with the ability to configure the dashboards, it is easier to have an overview of the process.

Any problems with your estimates? JIRA saves you from losing this battle. Take advantage of automated reports and have at your fingertips the data needed to make new estimates more accurately. Among the available reports are: burndown charts, speed and control, sprints reports, cumulative flow diagrams and more.

Portfolio for JIRA and the opportunity to expand your planning

Imagine you’re in a leadership position (or you already are in the leadership position) and need to manage multiple projects, wouldn’t it be better implement a solution that would allow an overview of the capacity of your team, the roadmaps established and facilitate planning your sprints?

Portfolio for JIRA can help expand your agile culture in this capacity. Follow several crossed projects and combine the work of different agile teams in one place. Do not think only in one team or the medium-term planning, instead establish your future steps of all your development teams.

With this tool you can connect the product roadmap with planning your sprints, and can visualize the dependencies and provides them in their schedules. In addition to assisting in determining estimates, scopes and much more, you can eliminate bottlenecks when assigning different activities taking into account the skills and the ability of each team member.

It is also possible to trace future scenarios and have a preview of how they would work in the long term and respond in cases of change, all linked to JIRA, work and the burden of your team. The integration between Portfolio for JIRA and JIRA itself allows you to submit questions and update problems directly on the other platform, which accelerates and automates the processes.

Curious about how to implement these different solutions? Please contact our experts and ask questions.

If you are registered for Agile Brazil 2016 in Curitiba, stop by our booth with Atlassian and talk to the e-Core team.

Click the button below to talk to our amazing team of Atlassian Experts and how we can help you incorporate these tips into your current teams.

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