Scaling Your Finance Company with Atlassian Tools

15 August 2018 | Articles, Atlassian

Atlassian creates enterprise software products that are used in a variety of industries, including finance. Atlassian tools enable planning, coding and collaboration to help customers streamline and become more efficient, effective, and successful.

Enterprise software solutions that can be used to improve processes through automation are of particular interest to financial firms today. In a rapidly changing technological, competitive, and regulatory environment, financial organizations face some challenges, including competition from fintech firms, demand for improved customer experience, and providing shareholder returns while meeting changing regulatory and compliance requirements.

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Additionally, when creating a new product or process, it is vital that an organization plans for scalability. As a business, or customer base, has the potential to grow rapidly and globally, the processes and products must scale to that growth as it happens. By applying the right software solutions to improve processes and procedures, these challenges can be overcome and finance companies can gain a significant competitive advantage.

Atlassian tools can be utilized by financial companies as a scalable solution to change business processes, improving responsiveness, flexibility, and agility. Atlassian products can help a company to manage such issues as competing priorities, poor communication, low productivity, indecisiveness, and stagnation.

Atlassian’s best-known brand is Jira: Jira Software, a software development tool for agile DevOps; Jira Service Desk, a customer service and incident-reporting medium; and Jira Core, a project management software solution that you can apply throughout an organization.

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Which Atlassian Tools Are Useful for Finance Companies?

In a finance company, Jira Software can be used by developers to automate repetitive processes and create standardization for maximum efficiency. At Janus¹, Jira Software was used by DevOps to develop analytical reports for clients, and by the digital marketing team to track changes for auditing and compliance, increasing the efficiency of the team by 80%. Blackrock, a 12,000-employee hedge fund, selected Jira Software² to create a flexible, scalable investment platform sold as a service to clients.

Jira Service Desk can be used to streamline the incident reporting and resolution system for internal company users, creating efficient workflows and proactively identifying problem areas to prevent future incidents. Service Desk can also benefit external customers, by resolving incidents quickly and completely, improving the customer experience and giving the company a competitive advantage.

Atlassian’s Confluence is a content collaboration tool that improves communication and teamwork while helping companies to break down departmental and functional silos. Confluence can be used as a critical knowledge base to share information between areas or departments. When connected to JIRA Service Desk, companies can use this knowledge base to improve self-service for faster resolution without the need of opening a new ticket.

Trello project management software provides a platform for easy information sharing between teams, while Statuspage automates communications during occasional downtime, ensuring that all parties are informed and updated during unplanned service interruptions.

Atlassian tools were created to be user-friendly while improving efficiencies throughout organizations, but enlisting an experienced partner can provide an even more significant benefit for financial firms. A certified Atlassian solutions provider like e-Core can assist a company throughout the digital transformation process, from assessment to implementation, to monitoring for success and scalability.

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