Webinar – Jira Ops and Opsgenie – Improving your Incident Management

10 January 2019 | Events

Atlassian is always investing on ways to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and improve team communication. With incident management it’s not different. In the upcoming webinar Jira Ops and OpsGenie: Improving your incident management with Atlassian ITSM tools, we’ll present the new tools Atlassian added to their suite.

Software and IT services are at the heart of most industries core business and an outage could have a real impact on your customers satisfaction and retention strategy.

In September 2018, Atlassian announced that it acquired Opsgenie, a leader in incident alerting, and also launched Jira Ops, a product focused on modern incident management. Let’s understand how Atlassian tools optimize ITSM and the main features of Jira Ops and Opsgenie that help IT Teams solve incident faster.

Atlassian tools approach to Incident management

When your application faces an outage, Jira Service Desk will play a vital role in your services management processes. Customers will use your portal to open a ticket communicating that something is wrong. If you’re using Confluence, your team will have a central tool to store knowledge articles, troubleshoot guides, PIRs (Post Incident Review) and other articles that can help your team solve a incident faster.

But, how I communicate the incident status for internal and external audience? To improve incident communication, Atlassian added Statuspage to that equation. Now, stakeholders and customers can subscribe to be notified about the status of the application or have a single source of truth to see what are the actions being taken to solve it. This reduced the number of notifications and incident request tickets, building trust and transparency with your customer.

But you still have to do some workarounds to create a command center to have all the information on a single place when handling an incident. That’s where Jira Ops came in.

Jira Ops, the incident management command center. 

Jira Ops was introduced to be a single source of truth when handling incidents. You’re able to respond faster to outages and downtimes with centralized information available and a template that provides information about the open incident ticket. It’s easier to view who is the responder and what actions are been taken. You can also update your Statuspage directly through Jira Ops, create a Slack room to discuss the incident and have information about the alerts triggered from tools like Opsgenie.

Jira Ops helps from the beginning to the end, since the ticket creation until the post mortem article. As a central place to gather all the information, you have an out-of-the-box template of post incident review that is just one-click ahead. You have a clear timeline of what happened during the incident resolution, who was involved and then link the actions to be taken with your Jira issues.

Opsgenie – Alerts, on-call schedules and escalation

Nowadays, different industries rely on software and applications to provide more value to their customers. With the heavy use of cloud environments, it’s difficult to monitor and coordinate all your efforts in a way that you can act quickly when something goes wrong. Opsgenie coordinate your support efforts and organize all these notifications from monitoring tools to ensure that a critical alert will never be missed.

Triggering and filtering alerts from multiple sources and notificating the right members at the right time, improves your time to resolution and let you team work in a more comfortable and reliable away. With on-call schedules, escalation paths and routing rules, you have the right tool to act on an incident. Using automations and rules, it’s easier to determine who’s on call and organize your IT teams availability when the incident happen. Opsgenie also helps to escalate incident tickets or provide reports to improve your processes

Since it works with a lot of integrations, you can take custom actions directly from the tool like assign work, create tickets and update your status page.

Are you curious to see  all these integrations in action and understand some best practices when using your Atlassian suite for incident management and resolution? Register to our webinar Jira Ops and OpsGenie: Improving your incident management with Atlassian ITSM tools.

Jira Ops and OpsGenie: Improving your incident management with Atlassian ITSM tools.

Date: January 29th
Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm ET

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