Confluence Essentials

Learn all the Confluence functionalities available for your team’s daily work. Create the best documentation structure — applying best practices to both spaces and pages. Organize content within pages using the macros and other features. Share content and save your work for later. Gain a full understanding of how the tools work and maximize usability.


On-site or remote

Target Audience
Teams that will use Confluence



  • What Is Confluence?
  • Challenges without Confluence
  • Confluence Structure
    • Spaces, Pages and Users Collaboration
  • Navigation
    • Dashboard
    • Spaces
    • Pages
    • People
      • Search Users and User Profiles
  • Spaces
    • Recent Spaces
    • Spaces Directory
    • Search for Spaces
    • Spaces Details
    • Favorite Spaces
    • Space Categories
  • Pages
    • Creating Pages
    • Templates
    • Page Operations
    • Blog
  • Content Creation and Collaboration
    • Macros and Advanced Content
    • Share Content and Track Content
    • Tasks and Dates in the Tasks
    • Export and Import Page Content
    • Comments and Collaborate
      • Add Comments, Users Mentions and Page Likes
  • Permissions
    • Permissions on Pages and Spaces
    • Permissions by User and by Group
    • Page Restriction and Anonymous Access
  • Search Content
    • Basic Search, Advanced Search and CQL
  • User Preferences and Notifications
    • Personal Space
    • Recently Viewed
    • Profile
    • Save for Later
    • Following
    • Drafts
    • Settings
    • Network
    • Notifications Tab
  • Jira and Confluence Integration
    • Reports, Filters and Pages
    • Tasks View
  • Confluence Apps (Plugins)
    • Atlassian Marketplace
    • Recommended Apps for Confluence