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Completing this module, you will understand how to use Crowd to synchronize access to Atlassian applications using a single user. Also learn how to perform integrations with your company’s user directories through Single Sign-On (SSO). Optimize your access and facilitate user management by defining which source will be a priority — all while saying goodbye to multiple logins.

On-site or remote

Target Audience
Atlassian Administrators and Infrastructure Teams

Jira Software basic knowledge and User Directory Management (Active Directory, LDAP, etc)


  • What is Crowd?
    • Using Crowd
    • How to Log in/Log out
    • User Aliases
    • Directories and Priority Order
    • SSO and Google Apps
    • Integrating Crowd to Atlassian Applications
    • Integrating with External User Directories and Groups
  • Server vs. Cloud vs. Data Center Installations
  • Authorization to Use Crowd
  • Crowd Administration
    • Changing or Resetting Your Password
    • Resetting Forgotten Passwords
    • Requesting Forgotten Usernames
    • Updating Your User Profile
  • Viewing Your Group Membership
  • Viewing Your Applications