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Ensuring Agile Project Management and Software Quality

Our partner needed to develop new features for its client-facing web applications. We built a development team that started with Java web-based software development activities. Completely integrated with the partner’s team, we extended its delivery capabilities.

The Challenge
Our partner needed to develop new features to their client-facing web-applications such as website survey, integration with financial data from Edgar Online, news releases from third-party channels and their own channel.

The first contact between our partner and e-Core was through a small project for the integration of Atlassian tools with their directory for proper authentication and authorization. The delivery of these initial activities allowed them to test e-Core’s capabilities on a short and low risk engagement. Based on the success and good experience with this first project, they decided to expand the relationship with e-Core to leverage its expertise and experience in software development services.

A development team started with Java web-based software development activities. e-Core has also offered access to a large developer pool in Brazil, with extensive and high technical experience, which is very important to our partner considering the high competition for professionals in New York City.

The Solution
e-Core assembled a team of Software Development experts located in its Nearshore Development Center in Porto Alegre, Brazil, which is located only one hour ahead of NY (EDT), complemented by one team member located at the customer site in Manhattan. Software Engineering professionals have strong knowledge of the technologies and processes used by our partner, focused on client-facing web-applications. The professionals work completely integrated with their team.

Our partner now uses most of the Atlassian toolset to support development activities. e-Core has contributed in this area by offering know-how about methodologies and tools. The team has been using, among others, JIRA (a bug-tracking tool), Confluence (a knowledge and content sharing tool), and more recently JIRA Agile and Crucible, to ensure agile project management and software quality.

e-Core has generated value and helped our partner meet its software development goals with high quality.