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Fintech Adopts DevOps Practices to Promote Cultural Transformation

Adopting DevOps practices, Fintech optimized ALM processes. It implemented cultural changes supporting faster deliveries, improved collaboration and better project execution.


Jira Software, Jira Core, Confluence, Bitbucket e Bamboo

e-Core identified some gaps related to the company’s project and software lifecycle, which resulted in two areas of improvement; tools as well as the adoption of agile.

What was done: 
• Introduction of Scrum and Agile concepts to improve collaboration between non-IT teams.
• Scrum adoption for dev and IT teams
• TFS use applied in an agile context 

• Activities visibility, collaboration improvement and project predictability
• Continuous integration in Dev teams, bringing version control of codes and branches. 
• Greater collaboration and assertiveness to the áreas of Business, legal and accounting with áreas of technology

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