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Merging Jira and Confluence Instances to Stabilize an Atlassian Environment

The company needed to improve support, visibility and enhancements for its Atlassian environment consolidating two instances with more than 100 projects and 100,000 Jira issues.

One of the leading providers of pension, life insurance, and asset management in the world.

Jira, Confluence, Cloud

The asset management division’s delivery teams all worked on different Atlassian instances; the digital team working on a cloud instance and the platform team utilizing a server instance. The client wanted to merge these instances into a single, on-premise solution. They reached out to e-Core for help.

What was done:
Implementing Confluence for documentation management.
 Consolidating 4 Jira instances into a single centralized one.


  • Consolidation of JIRA and Confluence instances into fewer systems
  • Increased project visibility and traceability across delivery centers
  • Standardized groups, permissions, issue security levels, and more
  • Standardized and Shared configurations, project templates, reports

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