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Jira Project Configuration

Understand how to create a new project within Jira — reviewing requirements and options available so that you can work on the requested requirements. In addition, you’ll learn how to apply users and groups together with projects — and how add-ons can help with project management.


On-site or remote

Target Audience:
Jira Admins, Project Coordinators, Configuration Analysts and Processes/Business Analysts

Knowledge of basic Jira concepts


  • Example of Projects in Jira
  • Composing a Project on Jira
  • Modeling Jira for the Structure of Your Organization
  • Collecting Requirements to Place on Jira
  • Issue Type Configuration
  • Workflow Configuration
  • Page Configuration
  • Field Configuration
  • Notification Settings
  • Permission Settings
  • Version Configuration
  • Component Configuration
  • Security Configuration
  • Share Project Configuration