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Jira Service Desk 4.0 and Jira Software 8.0 Update!

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Atlassian has announced important updates on Jira Software and Service Desk that will improve performance, fix a host of bugs and enhance the user interface.

See what has changed in the newest versions.


→ Performance Upgrades

  • Viewing queues is twice as fast in 4.0 compared to 3.16
  • Opening the customer portal is 36% faster in 4.0 compared to 3.16
  • Project creation for an instance with 100 projects is twice as fast in 4.0 compared to 3.15
  • Project creation for an instance with up to 200 projects, is six times faster in 4.0 compared to 3.15


→ Index Times with Lucene

One of the biggest changes concerns Lucene, a technology that is used in search engines, reports and sidebar content.  Lucene has been upgraded, providing faster performance, increased productivity, and greater scalability.

  • Reindexing Jira takes much less time (Approximately 71%)
  • Jira indexes are smaller, and easier to maintain (Approximately 48%)
  • Jira performance is stable over time
  • Jira is more stable and predictable

→ REST API for issue type schemes

Administrators can now manage issues types from outside of the user interface allowing them to:

  • Create an issue type scheme and associate it with projects
  • Retrieve individual or all issue type schemes, together with the associated projects
  • Change or remove projects associated with a scheme
  • Delete issue type schemes

→ New Advanced Search Options

Find contributors and date ranges (updatedBy)

Search for issues that were updated by a specific user, and within a specified date range.

Find link types (issueLinkType)

Search for issues that are linked with other issues by particular link types, like blocks or is duplicated by. This will help you quickly find any related blockers, duplicates, and other issues that affect your work.

-> Priority icons

The new icons now enable Jira users with color blindness to instantly recognize the relationship between icons and their level of importance.

→ Add-ons are now apps

Atlassian is renaming add-os to apps. That won’t affect you or your operations, but will appear soon in the Jira administration section and other pages.

What’s new in Jira Software Data Center 8.0?

Jira Software Data Center 8.0 will include many of the same benefits as Jira Service Desk 4.0, thanks to the shared architecture. With 8.0, your IT teams will see noticeably faster performance to help them be more productive.

Check a list of benefits that Jira Software Data Center 8.0 provides:

  • Viewing boards (faster by 60%)
  • Viewing backlogs (faster by 87%)
  • Searching with JQL (faster by 31%)
  • Browsing boards (faster by 22%)

If you want to read the complete release notes, check the pages below:

Jira Software 8.0 release notes

Jira Service Desk release notes

If you want to upgrade Jira Service Desk or Jira Software 8.0 server/data Center, just get in touch with us!