Jira Service Desk Agents

This course teaches Service Desk best practices. It is specific for Agents that will work on the projects and reviews all available functionalities including Queues, Reports, Dashboards, Filters and Workflows.


On-site or Remote

Target Audience
Teams that will use Jira



  • Overview about Jira
  • Service Desk Use Case
  • Jira Service Desk Roles
  • Agents Navigation
  • Customer Portal and Tickets
  • Jira Project Concepts
    • Project Structure
    • List of Projects
    • Project Category
  • Issue Types
    • Creating Issues, Filling the Fields, Working with Issues, Sub-tasks and Time Tracking
  • Jira Structure
    • Workflows
      • What Is a Workflow?
      • Workflow Examples
      • Why Workflows?
      • Jira Standard Workflow
      • Resolutions
    • Issues Management
      • Searching for Issues
      • Jira Query Language (JQL)
      • Bulk Operations
      • Saved Searches = Filters
      • Managing Filters
      • Reports and Dashboards
      • Managing Dashboards
  • SLAs and Queues
  • Reports
    • Team Workload
    • SLAs Goals
    • Satisfaction Survey
    • Article Usage
    • Article Effectiveness
    • Custom Reports