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Merge and Consolidate Jira Instances and Standardize Internal Audits

Our client centralized its software development cycle on a single instance and used another to handle activities unrelated to development. It improved compliance and enhanced standards in an existing environment with more than 1,000 Jira users.

Client: The client provides credit ratings, research, tools, and analytics from a complex data set that contribute to the transparency of financial markets and their integration with one another.

Products: Jira

Challenges: The existing environment was comprised of over 1,000 Jira users. One of the instances was in need of an upgrade, as it was installed with an old version of the tool. To avoid disruption across teams working on the various environments, they wanted to centralize their software development cycle on one single instance and use a second instance to handle other activities unrelated to the dev environment. Another challenge was to ensure all custom data fields from the third-party apps, X-ray and nFeed, migrated successfully – a common challenge when merging different instances.

What was done: 

  • Use of two marketplace apps: Scriptrunner and Project Configurator
  • Upgraded four different Jira environments
  • Eliminated broken filters or gadgets that would result in failed Jira export


  • Optimization of licenses
  • Maintenance and Standardization
  • Better interaction between Dev teams

Get the Insights: Download the Jira Migration Case Study