Portfolio for Jira

This course prepares you to manage project roadmaps in an agile structure — using medium and long term vision. Portfolio for Jira is one of the best selling products in the Atlassian Marketplace for project management and agile deliveries. Understand how to create and simulate scenarios and predict the impact of changes of scope, timelines, and features in a simple, visual way. Gain understanding of your team’s ability to perform certain tasks over a given amount of sprints or over time, identifying how each scenario can make you achieve your goals — or help avoid decisions that could jeopardize the progress of your projects.

On-site or remote

Target Audience
Agile Project Managers, Product Owners Scrum Masters and Development Teams

Scrum knowledge, basic knowledge of Jira Software and Project Management


  • Tool Overview
    • Main Objectives and Functionalities
    • What Is a Plan?
    • What Is a Portfolio?
    • Relationship with Project Management Concepts (Time, Scope, Resources)
  • Configure Plans and Portfolios
    • Scope
    • Estimation Patterns (Story Points or Hours)
    • Releases
    • Teams and Capacity
    • Dependencies
    • Themes
  • General Settings
    • Creation of Plans
    • Connection with Boards from Jira Software
    • Shared Teams
      • Capacity
      • Duration of Iteration
    • Releases Cross-Projects
      • What Is the Difference from a Common Release?
      • Dates (Fixed or Dynamic)
      • Plans Involved
    • Themes
      • Use of Themes
      • Color Scheme
    • Hierarchy Overview
      • Why and When Create a New Hierarchical Level?
      • Levels to Select
      • Configure Issue Types
  • How to Use Scenarios
    • Assessing Impacts of Roadmap Changes
    • How to Find and Resolve Distortions
  • Roadmap View Patterns (Display Options)
  • Configuring ReportsBitbucket Overview