Trello Essentials

This course explains the main functionalities and goals of using Trello for your company and for your daily life. The idea is to show all available operations. Learn to use the product in the best way possible and also to help other employees in your company. Going through the concept of Trello, you will understand the main purpose of the tool and how you can use it. After that, the training details operations available to users and administrators.

On-site or remote

Target Audience
Teams that will use Trello



  • What Is Trello?
  • Trello Basic Concepts
  • Introduction to Kanban Framework
  • Using Boards
    • Personal Boards
      • Creating a New Board
      • Public Board
      • Private Board
    • Configuring Columns (Lists)
    • Creating Card (Tasks)
      • Card Operations
    • Favorite Boards
    • Add Members
      • Operations Menu
      • Board Background
      • Filter Cards
      • Power-Ups
      • Stickers
      • General Configuration
      • Activities
    • Team Boards
      • Creating a New Team
      • Available Boards
      • Members
      • General Configuration
  • Searches
  • Notifications
  • Profile
  • Home (Dashboard)