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5 benefits of purchasing your licenses with an Atlassian Platinum Partner
5 benefits of purchasing your licenses with an Atlassian Platinum Partner

We know that the process of purchasing an Atlassian license can be complicated and time-consuming. The bigger your company and the integration between tools, the more complex it can become the licensing of jira, confluence, bitbucket, Jira service desk, or marketplace apps.

At this point, the assistance of an Atlassian partner is essential to follow this process and convey the safety and agility you need. Here are a few reasons you can license with an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner:

Assistance in licensing, contact with Atlassian and Marketplace suppliers

Some licensing quotes may take longer, depending on the type of tool, environment and apps. Our sales team will be at your side during this process, answering all your doubts and in contact with Atlassian to speed up this process. In addition, an Atlassian partner can also help you in the licensing of marketplace apps and others that are negotiated directly with vendors.

Tranquility and focus during licensing

Who likes bureaucracies? Even more when questions may arise during the licensing process? By delegating these tasks to an Atlassian Platinum partner, you release people who would be involved with this process to take care of other tasks more vital to your company’s success.

Focusing in your work with the peace of mind of knowing that your access won’t be interrupted or that you will have specialized support in case of doubt is a differential. By renewing your licenses with e-Core, you won’t have the headache of not being able to update your tool or having access to the Atlassian support because you forgot your renewal.

Total attention dedicated to you

Besides all the caution in licensing your tools, we work with a team of success managers that is all ears to your needs and pays attention to the expiration dates of your licenses renewal deadlines. They will get in touch when the moment approachs. We always avaliate if the user numbers is correct to your needs, if your old instance must be updated or if its better to purchase other licenses.

A look in line with your business strategy

An Atlassian partner doesn’t look only to your licensing process, but worries with the long-term thinking in line with your business strategy. By having this follow up of our consultants, you clarify your doubts related to the user numbers per tools, apps indications and the best deployment model, that will take place in an Atlassian environment cloud, server or data center.

Planning and security

In case you own marketplace apps that also need renewal or work with different tools and instances, we work to ensure that your Atlassian licenses are paid on the same date, making management easier. Through purchases through a partner, invoices are issued and our customers do not have to worry about the collection of taxes linked to international transactions.