3 Major IT Challenges Solved by Cloud App Modernization: Update Your Cloud, Transform Your Business

Published: January 17, 2023

Technology leaders face significant challenges, managing constantly-growing expectations from internal and external customers with limited resources available. At the same time, technology leaders must change the traditional perception of IT as a cost center and instead become an embedded, strategic C-Suite partner that drives organizational goals.

Cloud app modernization is one way that technology leaders can solve these issues; improving delivery and contributing, in a measurable, meaningful way, to business strategies.

What is Cloud App Modernization?

94% of businesses currently use cloud services. But a cloud journey doesn’t end when a migration is over. To maximize long-term benefits of cloud adoption, an organization must continually optimize, upgrade, and improve applications, processes, and infrastructure.

This is referred to as cloud application modernization.

When processes and data are migrated to the cloud, there is generally a strategy in place to make sure they operate efficiently. But over time, without oversight and optimization, wasteful spending increases. In fact, according to a recent study, 32% of all cloud spend is wasted.

3 Key Challenges Solved by Cloud App Modernization


Cloud app modernization improves process efficiency and employee productivity, so that resources can be channeled away from resource-intensive maintenance tasks, and toward higher-level strategic objectives.

10% – 30%

in overall cloud spend

4x faster 

technology deployment cycle


months to positive ROI


Legacy applications pose a higher risk to data security than those that are modernized, monitored, and updated. Cloud app modernization helps reduce risk and ensure that vulnerabilities are resolved, and that data is secured with the appropriate security tools and solutions.


months to positive ROI


One of the main challenges facing IT leaders is transforming the perception of the technology team – from a cost center to a long-term, strategic partner of the C-Suite.  Cloud app modernization can help with this by incorporating automation, streamlining, and data analytics into cloud processes. Automation and streamlining improve efficiency and allow resources to be channeled to higher level objectives. At the same time, data analytics support benchmarking and tracking KPIs and tying technology to long-term organizational strategies.

e-Core’s Approach to Cloud App Modernization

If you are considering cloud app modernization, but lack the time and resources to tackle a large-scale transformation, you may consider enlisting a third-party partner, like e-Core. While there are many consultants that offer cloud app modernization services, e-Core has the expertise and proven track record of success that make them the right choice for large-scale transformation projects.



We take the time to get to know your business, operations, industry as well as your tech stack, so that we can help you build a strategic, long-term, viable modernization solution.


At e-Core, we believe in benchmarking, measuring KPIs, and ensuring that you achieve ROI for your cloud app modernization project should be the focus of our efforts.


Our value proposition is tied to building long-term, integrated relationships with our clients. The better we understand your business, industry and tech stack, the better we can serve your needs and help you reach your goals.

Contact e-Core today to learn more about how we can help you reach your business goals and support cloud app modernization efforts.


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