Atlassian Badges Offer Confidence in Choosing ITSM Partners

Published: July 6, 2022

Among so many partners available in the Atlassian directory, it is hard to pick the best one for your business needs, right? That’s why Atlassian has launched a Specializations program to help customers identify partners with recognized proficiencies in particular solution areas. Atlassian Partners with these specialization badges are recognized as qualified to help Atlassian customers accelerate time to value with their implementations by delivering high-quality services to optimize customer satisfaction and outcomes. 

In this case, what is a badge, really? It’s a sign of accomplishment, authority, and accolade.  Atlassian recently awarded e-Core the ITSM Specialization Badge! ITSM Specialized Partners are exceptional service management professionals. Recognition requires strong roots in IT and service delivery processes. Qualifications include expertise in ITIL4 methodology and deployment of Atlassian products for enterprise-level customers. With this achievement, e-Core becomes the first organization in the world to hold all 3 Atlassian Specialization Badges: ITSM, Cloud, and Agile at Scale. Each badge is earned by fulfilling rigorous requirements within particular Atlassian solution areas. Each is measured by 8 different criteria based on our knowledge and skills, business performance, and customer satisfaction.

Here at e-Core we take pride in each accolade as we know that our team members, with all their skill and expertise, are what truly make up each badge. We are the badge.

But why do you need an ITSM specialized partner like e-Core if your tools already support you? Here are three reasons!

  1. Use your time on what you are best at!

Atlassian offers one of the most powerful ITSM tools available. Forrester’s “Total Economic Impact™” report identified 246% return on investment from Jira Service Management. Customers report faster time to value with an average implementation time of 2 months. Forrester reported a 61% improvement in agent productivity. 

However, implementing a Jira Service Management solution isn’t a single-step process. It requires an ongoing investment of resources to ensure the application is working. Licenses must be managed. New services and features offer great reward only when implemented correctly. Jira experts can be difficult to find and expensive to recruit and retain. A third-party partner like e-Core takes on the responsibility for Jira strategy, implementation and management. This allows you to focus on your company’s strategic objectives and core competencies.

  1. Integrations are critical for ITSM success!

 Forrester Consulting examined I&O organizations searching for success drivers. In this report, “Proven Drivers For Unlocking High-Velocity ITSM,” they found, “High performers are more likely to invest in smart, integrated tools to best position their organization for high velocity moving forward, i.e., nearly nine in 10 (89%) high performers plan to invest more heavily in IT ops and dev tool integration.” If you are pursuing the benefits of integrating your ITSM tools,, e-Core can be a powerful ally.

  1. It mitigates risks

With the rewards of improved ITSM come risks. Choosing an implementation partner like e-Core helps ameliorate risk. In his Webinar, Nishant Sasi, senior solutions engineer at Atlassian, says, downtime can cost $1 million a year for a mid-size company, more than $60 million for a large enterprise. 

Our work as ITSM specialized partners

At e-Core, ITSM is a core competency. As a specialized partner with over 14 years of experience, our services can include:

  • Overseeing projects working closely with your Dev, Ops and IT teams to integrate shared workflows and SLAs.
  • Identifying and supporting specific service scenarios unique to each customer.
  • Driving ITSM system enhancements, customizations and fine-tunings of IT services.
  • Leading multi-vendor migrations and systems integrations.
  • Sharing domain knowledge and aid in implementation of best practices.

Atlassian awarding e-Core these 3 specialty badges will not change our work or values. In fact, it is a reflection of those: in 2021, 100% of the customers who answered our NPS said they would recommend our Atlassian services to a friend or colleague. 

“Working with e-Core, we had a real-time, contextual, and predictable view of the project. Our experience with e-Core was seamless and transparent,” Vikash Kumar, head of program management, strategic initiatives at Acuity Knowledge Partners. (Acuity is a leading provider of high-value research, analytics, and business intelligence to the financial services sector with more than 4,000 employees across the globe.) Please review our Case Study.

We will always strive for the highest standards. We will always offer our customers the best practices. We will ever achieve continual improvement. As we always have. This badge is made of our people’s skills, effort, and hard work. We didn’t win a badge, we are and will continue to be  the badge!

Let our experience be the core of our partnership with you. For more than 22 years, e-Core has been a trusted technology partner for customers around the globe, helping them to unlock the value of technology investments. Our mission is to support our partners; our purpose is to make their technology more effective. Leverage e-Core’s expertise to improve processes, expand your software team, or build custom solutions on your behalf. Transform your business, scale for growth, and continuously improve your competitive advantage. 


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