e-Core is the first Atlassian Partner in the world to earn all the three specialization badges available.

Published: July 26, 2022

Working with Specialized Partners can help you accelerate time to value with Agile at scale, cloud, and ITSM implementations.

Atlassian recognizes specialized Partners as service providers that deliver consistent, high-quality services to optimize customer satisfaction and outcomes. These partners earn Specialization by fulfilling rigorous requirements within particular Atlassian solution areas.

Cloud Specialized

Cloud Specialized Partners have success migrating operations and supporting enterprise-level use cases across the Atlassian cloud platform.

Cloud Specialized Partner services can include:

  • Manage migration projects, including readiness and implementation, from active oversight through to execution
  • Tailored services for training for internal teams, product integrations, customizations, process automation, and security needs
  • Optimize and resolve customer use cases that involve enterprise-level complexity, pivoting quickly to resolve unexpected requirements while keeping pace with the project timeline
  • Guide strategies for additional aspects of the project including new integrations and applications 

ITSM Specialized

ITSM Specialized Partners are exceptional service management professionals with strong roots in IT and service delivery processes, as well as ITIL methodology and the deployment Atlassian products for enterprise-level customers.

ITSM Specialized Partner services can include:

  • Oversee the project, working closely with your Dev, Ops, and IT teams to integrated shared workflows and SLAs
  • Identify and support specific service scenarios and drive implementations based on ITIL 4 GuidanceDrive ITSM system enhancements, customizations and fine-tunings of IT services
  • Lead multi-vendor migrations and systems integrations
  • Share domain knowledge and aid in the implementation of best practice

Agile at Scale Specialized

Agile at Scale Specialized Partners are process-certified, scaled agile practitioners with proven experience in enterprise methodology and change management, able to guide your enterprise through its agile journey. 

These Partners work with global Fortune 2000 customers to provide an accelerated path to enterprise agility with Jira Align.

Agile at Scale Specialized Partner services can include:

  • Identify, assess, and scope opportunities to optimize the solution
  • Guide the process in selecting an appropriate agile architecture
  • Proficiency across a range of frameworks including Including Disciplined Agile, LeSS, SAFe, Scrum@Scale, Spotify, and Hybrids
  • Assist in building a multi-year roadmap including process orientation and a technical suite
  • Help build and launch agile practices, guiding your agile-at-scale journey through methods and tooling

Why choose e-Core to boost Atlassian solutions at your organization?

High level of technical expertise: We’re among the top 5 partners with the most certified professionals on a global level. 

Customer Excellence: In 2021, 100% of our customers who answered the e-Core NPS would recommend our services to a friend or colleague. 

Recognition: At the 2020 Atlassian Remote Summit, we were announced as one of the leading Cloud Enterprise Partners. Between 2021 and 2022, we accomplished all specialization badges: Agile at Scale, Cloud, and ITSM. 

Long-term Relationship: We’re an Atlassian Solution Partner Enterprise with over 14 years of experience successfully delivering projects for a wide variety of companies.


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