What you should know about e-Core after 22 years in IT

Published: August 13, 2021

Founded in 1999, May is e-Core’s anniversary month. Our solutions combine global experience in different industry segments with extensive expertise in technologies and methodologies to help our clients digitally transform and accelerate their businesses.

We are very proud of what we have achieved over these 22 years. In this article, you will learn a little about the history of e-Core and the five main pillars that guide the culture, and how the company works daily.

It all started with Java

Three Hewlett-Packard employees shared a unique vision of creating a technology company based on core values, managed by excellent organizational principles, and, most importantly, providing an inspiring work environment.

Leandro Pompermaier, Marcio Silveira and Vinicius Pinheiro founded e-Core, initially as a training center in Java.

Soon, e-Core’s way of working attracted large clients, such as the multinational agribusiness and food production company Bunge. Java training expanded for software development.

From Brazil to the world

Taking on a leading role in a Bunge integration project in 2004, e-Core also began coordinating operations in the United States. Achieving success marked the company’s first international experience.

In the same year, given the need to scale operations and optimize the management of projects and development teams, e-Core began using Jira, Atlassian’s planning, tracking, and collaboration tool.

As e-Core quickly and successfully expanded its presence in software development by improving its internal processes, its experience using Jira sparked interest among customers and partners. Seeing an opportunity, e-Core began selling tool licenses, becoming an Atlassian partner in 2006.

Since then, e-Core has helped companies transform and accelerate their businesses digitally. e-Core transforms the businesses’ environment to a more agile, collaborative, responsive, and digital future-ready model and accelerates innovation, builds digital products, scales technology capabilities, and sustains operations. All with a focus on helping customers evolve and go beyond.

Over 450 qualified e-Core professionals serve 270 clients in countries like Brazil, the United States, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Russia, and others. The company has worked in over 25 market segments.

Our core values

Technologies come and go; What makes e-Core different all these years is staying true to its essence, its DNA, created by our founders 22 years ago.

Five core values e-Core takes very seriously. They permeate the organization, guiding our attitudes and decisions every day.

Combining these values ​​with the power of people, the inevitable result is an inspiring culture that drives 22 years of growth and an even brighter future.

Our five values ​​are:

Better Together

We believe in collaboration and diversity of perspectives and skills to achieve our results. We share goals, help each other and take care of teammates.

Build Trust

We value transparency in the work environment and provide a safe place for people to feel confident.

Deliver & Delight

We believe in the idea of ​​”doing the right thing” for the client, creating long-lasting and relevant relationships.

Lifelong Learning

We are adaptable and see change as an opportunity, so we always value continuous and self-motivated development.


We want to go beyond the status quo, so we put ourselves in the lead and constantly raise the bar for ourselves and our teams.

We are just getting started

For us, business growth and success have always been directly related to two factors: having a clear purpose and driving decisions and attitudes based on our values.

In the coming years, we will continue to be guided by these aspects, seeking to positively impact our clients’ technology delivery and offer incredible development opportunities for the people who make up our team.

Technologies come and go; What sets e-Core apart, now and in the future, is staying true to its essence.

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