Omicron Crash Crushes IT

Published: March 15, 2022

Tech workers were already in short supply. Now the Omicron Variant of COVID-19 is creating a call-out crisis. Record numbers of U.S. workers are sick and unable to work. Nearly 9 million called out sick in January, according to a U.S Census survey. See the Statista Graphic posted here. That’s far more than the 6.6 million out sick at the “height” of the pandemic. 

IT companies and departments suffer the same as other employers. Software development schedules slip. Innovation and initiative are threatened. There was already a talent and skills crisis for IT workers worldwide. Even before Omicron, McKinsey reported 87% of organizations were experiencing a technical talent shortage, or expect to be affected by it in the next few years.

CIOs, Development Directors, Project Managers, seek backup solutions to their on-site IT staff. The good news is, it’s not too late. Resources are available. A tech talent solutions company like e-Core can place a team on task in just weeks. Furthermore, e-Core’s software developers are experienced in project work. They get up to speed quickly. They don’t get bogged down by process. They are ready to go now. Employee management is handled by e-Core. There’s no additional burden on your company. There is no lag time in hiring. There’s no commitment beyond your project. You can hire e-Core developers for short or long-term assignments. Plus, e-Core currently has talented developers available across a wide variety of skills, including hard-to-find ones like React, Node.JS, MySQL and others.

Get out of the tech talent and Omicron jam by partnering with e-Core. Our talented developers can get your project back on schedule, bolster your current team and ensure development continuity. Our workers can free up your innovation team so they can focus on the future. Especially in IT-specific markets, always having extra “heads and hands” is a good strategy to avoid worker shortages. It insures against notoriously high turnover and shortage of skilled talent in IT, regardless of outside shocks like Omicron.

Not convinced yet? Download the FREE e-book, “5 Benefits of a Software Delivery Partner”. It’s a quick read and synopsis of solutions to IT talent shortages. Then contact e-Core to discuss your project. We promise a fast and enduring solution.

Let our experience be the core of our partnership with you. For more than 22 years, e-Core has been a trusted technology partner for customers around the globe, helping them to unlock the value of technology investments. Our mission is to support our partners; our purpose is to make their technology more effective. Leverage e-Core’s expertise to improve processes, expand your software team, or build custom solutions on your behalf. Transform your business, scale for growth, and continuously improve your competitive advantage.


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