What is Cloud Application Modernization?

Migrating applications to the cloud was a turning point for many businesses – allowing them to improve access, flexibility, delivery, and more. Without widespread cloud adoption over the course of the previous five to ten years, it would have been difficult (if not impossible) to react quickly and efficiently to the shift to remote work required during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, cloud adoption is not a single-step operation. Cloud adoption – choosing a provider, strategizing and executing the migration, and running processes successfully in a cloud environment is just the start. In order to keep everything in working order, control costs, and make the most of your cloud investment, companies need to invest in cloud application modernization.

Making the most of your cloud environment isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires knowledgeable, skilled, experienced talent that can focus on process optimization, application modernization, and cloud infrastructure in a highly strategic manner. This is why a partner like e-Core can add value to the process. At e-Core, we have access to top talent and the commitment to your values and objectives: helping you improve outcomes across the entire organization. Control costs, improve efficiency, and scale for growth with cloud application modernization partner e-Core

What is Cloud App Modernization?

Cloud app modernization is the ongoing process of taking legacy applications and updating their features, architecture, or infrastructure to ensure that they are optimized for operating in cloud environments. In the initial cloud migration, perhaps a legacy application was lifted and shifted, and adjusted to operate in a virtual environment. But that doesn’t mean that it works as well, as efficiently, or with all the features that it could have if it was written for the cloud.

Why is Cloud App Modernization Important?

With a set-it-and-forget-it approach to cloud adoption, a business runs the risk of losing out on the very benefits that sparked cloud adoption in the first place. 

Cost Control

Many companies sell a cloud migration to their internal stakeholders as an opportunity for major cost savings. After all, the cloud environment alleviates the need for a company to purchase, maintain, and replace hardware. However, without constant monitoring and optimization, cloud costs can easily run out of control.

Cloud waste – generally resulting from over-provisioned infrastructure that is under utilized – happens in the majority of companies, as little thought or resources are dedicated to optimizations. Some industry analysts believe that up to 30% of total cloud spend is wasted, while others put that number closer to 40%. This amounted to $17.6 billion USD wasted in 2020, even by conservative estimates.

Cloud app modernization helps businesses eliminate resources wasted on inefficient, legacy, unoptimized processes.

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One of the main pitfalls of legacy applications – no matter if they are running on-premise or in the cloud – is that they are difficult to integrate with new technologies. And if your applications aren’t ready to work with each other, or with outside applications that can add features and improve the user experience, your business loses out on the opportunity to create a competitive advantage. 


Without modernization, applications can be unwieldy and difficult to work with. This extends the software delivery lifecycle because it is more difficult and complicated to work with legacy applications. Once a cloud application is modernized, however, it becomes flexible so that new features and functions can be added easily, thus speeding the velocity of software delivery.


Cloud application modernization makes it possible for businesses to scale for growth, adding new users and additional capacity with ease. An application that has been replatformed to the cloud without modernization needs extra attention and resources to add capacity, whereas a cloud application can scale with ease.

Cloud Application Modernization Partners

Cloud adoption is a long-term strategy and a long-term investment. It requires the ongoing commitment of resources to ensure that cloud applications are optimized, maximizing the benefits of cloud adoption for businesses. Without cloud application modernization, companies run the risk of wasting resources and losing the possibility of a competitive advantage.

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