What to Look for in a Cloud App Modernization Partner

Published: January 24, 2023

A cloud journey doesn’t end at migration. Continuous optimization, monitoring, and updating is necessary to make sure that cloud solutions are performing properly, and that cloud benefits are being realized. This isn’t always the case, however.

According to a recent report:

  • 49% of businesses struggle to control cloud spend
  • 54% believe that waste is related to a lack of visibility
  • 44% report that one-third of cloud spend is wasted

Cloud app modernization not only supports reduced waste and improved cost control – it also helps to improve the flexibility, agility, and speed of cloud data and processes. But to modernize cloud apps and optimize cloud usage, a company must commit resources. And often those resources are limited, or dedicated to alternate objectives. If your technology teams are dedicated to keeping the lights on, how can they be reassigned to a next-level priority like optimization?

That’s when many businesses elect to find an outside partner – someone with deep experience, flexible resources, and proven methodology that can help to seamlessly and efficiently modernize cloud applications and optimize cloud usage.

3 Things to Look for in a Cloud App Modernization Partner

Technical expertise

Because cloud app modernization can involve a wide range of apps, it is important to find a partner with deep technical expertise in the applications that your business uses. In addition, they should have experience with your cloud provider and setup – public, private, or hybrid. Finally, a cloud app modernization partner should have experience in completing large-scale, complex, cloud app modernization projects with a demonstrated methodology that has led to success for companies similar to yours. At e-Core, besides having individuals certified in the most used cloud platforms and technologies, we are also Google Cloud Partners with Application Development specialization.

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Problem-solving skills

Even the best methodology won’t anticipate every possible complication in a cloud app modernization process. It’s important to understand at the outset how a partner will address problems when they arise, how they analyze them, and how they will be resolved. The best partner for your business will find a balance – between collaboration and communication so that you are aware of the progress and any possible difficulties or concerns; and independent resolution of issues, so that the project does not get delayed. At e-Core we start our engagement by assessing your applications and environment, so we can have a clear landscape, and align where you are, with what you want to achieve. Our cross-team will work with you to get this understanding and plan the migration path.

Similar approach

If your business is committed to an agile, iterative approach to technology projects, it makes no sense to select a partner that manages projects in a waterfall, where each step is dependent on the one before. That would set the stage for miscommunication, misunderstandings, and missed opportunities. Be sure that your partner’s approach aligns (or can be aligned) with your own for the best possible outcome. At e-Core, we manage our projects and deliveries using Agile Practices and methodologies, which enhance new features time-to-market and focus on the ultimate goal: value delivery.

If you are considering cloud app modernization at your organization, talk to e-Core.

We combine global experience in the latest technologies to help fast-growing and established companies modernize technology platforms and provide all they need to get cloud app modernization projects rolling, anticipating and avoiding issues, and minimizing disruption to teams and businesses. 


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