How e-Core delivered in 40 days an ITSM solution involving Incident, Problem and Change Management

Published: February 16, 2023


The customer is built specifically to support engineering teams building apps in AWS. Needing to migrate from its previous ITSM tool (ServiceDesk Plus) to Jira Service Management, they turned to e-Core for consulting and implementation assistance. With over 20 years of experience in designing, implementing and operating infrastructure for custom applications, the company needed to tailor its service catalog and configure integration with monitoring tools while seamlessly supporting both employees and customers without impact during the transition.


The customer’s goal was to decommission the old tool in 40 days. The main challenge for e-Core on this project was the small time frame to implement a complete ITSM solution involving Incident, Problem and Change Management flows and processes, with minimum impact on customers and end-users. If that was not already a big challenge, we had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in the middle of the project. As we are partners to make business evolve and go beyond, following our core value “Deliver and Delight,” we accepted the challenge and delivered the project in compliance with the 40 days deadline.


The Solution was based on migrating the customer’s data and process from Service Desk Plus to Jira Service Management due to its proven ROI and integration features. To achieve that in the fastest way possible, e-Core applied Agile Project Management tools and practices. We implemented and validated solutions as fast as possible. Instead of starting the project with a huge requirement-gathering phase, we collected all the information provided by the customer to our Pre-Sales team beforehand. Our implementation team required only one meeting after the project kick-off to align how we would deliver the project and define the first sprint’s backlog. Conferring with our customer, we set the iteration length at one week, with Planning, Daily Meetings and Iteration Reviews.

Taking advantage of Automation for Jira — made available by Atlassian to Cloud instances with no additional cost — we were able to automate several processes and schedule automated ticket creation for recurrent outlines and activities. With excellent customer participation and fast feedback, we successfully completed project implementation in the best way possible, exceeding customer expectations. Even with Covid-19 impact on business and workings models, we handled it very well due to our team’s previous experience in managing and delivering projects remotely. After implementation, the customer reported no impact on project velocity or quality despite the worldwide virus outbreak.



Using Jira Gadgets, we created a dashboard to facilitate the management view of incidents, problems and change requests. This allowed us to transform scattered information into actionable data, enabling better tracking and follow-up with teams. After this implementation project, Atlassian tools became even more popular across the company. As such, our customer is evaluating the replacement of other tools with Atlassian tools like OpsGenie.


Using Automation for Jira, already included in all Jira Cloud instances, we automated several processes, facilitating daily work and activities: Standard Change Requests approval, Problem and Change Request creation, Scheduled Activities Creation and so on. Also, we simplified integration with other tools, including those not in the Atlassian environment. Using both Automation and the huge API library available for Jira, integration with other tools was simple and quick: Jira Software, Slack, PagerDuty, etc. Now the tickets are created from different sources and interact with different systems but are always managed by Jira Service Management.


“We were able to find creative ways […] to get basically every feature we wanted: a very heavily customized Jira Service Management implementation. I also really enjoyed being able to work with our consultant in an informal but still structured way.” – Customer’s President and CEO


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