How e-Core helped Accelerance better automate, track and report processes and activities

Published: March 9, 2023

About the Customer and Project

The #1 outsourcing advisory firm in the world asked e-Core for help. It’s the sincerest vote of confidence. Accelerance sets the standard in software outsourcing due diligence. And it needed help to better manage projects and revenue. 

Accelerance measures profitability by time. It needed better project visibility, especially reporting of user worklogs for billable activities. Prior to e-Core, Accelerance was tracking people resources and hours on spreadsheets. Onboarding a new client took hours of paperwork.

It was necessary to better balance workload across its teams and more accuracy in forecasting expenses and revenues. It was also needed better tools to manage internal tasks for marketing, delivery and sales. Accelerance asked e-Core to develop best practices for handling these multiple engagements. 


Customer  Accelerance

Industry Atlassian Projects Delivered

Location Redwood City – United States

Number of employees 4,000+

Product Jira Software

Hosting Type Cloud

Marketplace Apps Automation for JIRA, Tempo Timesheet, EazyBI, Structure for Jira, Issue Checklist Pro

e-Core responded with a successful migration from Mavenlink to Jira Software. 

We changed servers to Atlassian Cloud hosting and implemented some Atlassian add-ons. Atlassian add-ons and Marketplace Apps. Setting up Tempo Timesheets and integrating it with Automation for Jira were true keys to success for Accelerance.

When enterprise companies need to create and execute better software engineering strategies via global outsourcing, they turn
to Accelerance to find the best vendors. Accelerance certifies the top 3% of software engineering companies worldwide. It conducts deep, on-site assessments of more than 8,000 software engineering companies in more than 30 countries. Like e-
Core, Accelerance is passionate about global software development.

Challenge and Solution

The main challenge was creating a solution to track ongoing and future work. Especially important, Accelerance managers needed reports showing hours spent per activity and by team member. Managers needed real
time tracking to show who was working on what. Workload balancing across the team
needed improvement. It was difficult to see what work was in the pipeline.

Uncertainty of data made it difficult for managers to know their costs or judge
the profitability of a client or project. Accelerance needed more clarity on billable versus non-billable hours. Projects typically involve multiple workers doing various tasks and that was sometimes difficult to coordinate. Onboarding a new client took hours of paperwork. A Statement of Work agreement is generated. Project tasks are defined, time-cost estimates created, then tasks are assigned to team members. 

Onboarding a new client took hours of paperwork. A Statement of Work agreement is generated. Project tasks are defined, time-cost estimates created, then tasks are assigned to team members.

e-Core then employed Snowflake tools to grab the data in the S3 bucket and streamline it.

Jira is a superior tool for organizing, tracking and reporting complex data and instances. Accelerance was already using Jira, but it takes someone like e-Core to realize Jira’s full potential. The experts in vetting consultants chose e-Core for our expertise and experience with Atlassian Tools and Marketplace Apps. Accelerance also knew e-Core would save them a lot of time by handling the implementation, migration and other coding required. Tempo Timesheets for Jira hosted on Cloud offered a powerful solution for Accelerance’s team, time and project management challenges. Functions include timesheets, planning and cost tracking.

Integration with Jira means familiar project, account and instance setup works seamlessly with time measurement.

Time management and workload balancing are facilitated by Tempo’s integration with calendar apps. Profitability is easy to see by client, project and team member. Team members are happier because their workload is better balanced and predictable.
Efficiency increased across the board.

e-Core added EazyBi so Accelerance managers could pull up reports with enhanced graphics. Charts and graphs generated make it easy to visualize and interpret the massive data collected by Jira and Tempo. Clarity of data led to Accelerance adjusting terms with future clients and projects to better control costs, manage time commitments and improve profitability.

Automation for Jira was e-Core’s solution to saving time, especially for onboarding new clients. Once it was set up, Accelerance managers said onboarding clients “went from hours to minutes.” Jira Automation is available to Atlassian Cloud instances with no extra cost. e-Core automated several processes. It scheduled automated ticket creation for recurrent routines and activities.

After gathering and defining requirements, e-Core implemented the solution in Accelerance’s environment. Our team and theirs met daily. We discussed which tasks were prioritized and which were ready to be used. This clear and consistent communication was key for project success.

An e-Core hallmark is always ensuring project scope is clear, well defined and communicated. Ryan was able to pick up the project and thrive. Ryan answered e-Core’s customer survey with the highest satisfaction scores and wrote:

“The e-Core team is extremely helpful and was able to translate my project visions into reality.”

Ryan Schauer

Accelerance lead


Achieved Results


Tempo Timesheet

Leverages the ability to track time spent on activities. Offers reports predicting budget versus actual project costs.


this app is being used to create delivery engagement metrics and generate reports for better data visualization.

Structure for Jira

This app shows issues with their hierarchy level:

Initiative > Epic > Story > Tasks/Subtasks.


Automation for Jira is already included in all Jira Cloud instances. So, e-Core was able to automate several processes with no extra licensing costs. Daily work and activities are now easier to track. Automations include:

  • Create activities based on a field
  • Template
  • Better notifications
  • Scheduled activities
  • Creation and Others.

Checklist Pro

Accelerance uses this app to describe tasks that need to be done. Then it applies templates, automatically populating tasks
with A4J.


Integration with other Tools

Initially not a requirement, Accelerance is now looking to integrate JIRA with HubSpot. With this successful implementation project, Atlassian tools are becoming ever more popular across the company. Accelerance is looking to e-Core as a partner for future work.

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