Private Bank merges multiple Jira Instances across different Server types

Published: August 11, 2021

A large private bank with over $438 billion in assets, wanted to consolidate four different Jira instances to improve governance, security and audit processes. We helped centralized its Jira administration in an environment with more than 4,300 users, 354,000 issues and 1,500 projects.

Client:  One of the largest private banks in Latin America who wanted to improve governance, security, and processes.

Products:  Jira, Cloud

Challenges: Separate Jira instances were being hosted in many different locations and three of the partners were running server-based Jira instances and the other was running off the Cloud. The goal was to create a consolidated instance to improve efficiency.

What was done: 

  • Environmental Preparation and Structural Migration
  • Consolidate two main instances in production
  • Migrate Projects from Partner B’s instance in staging and production
  • Migrate Projects from Partner C’s instance in staging and production


  • All the integrations with third-party systems continued working on the new consolidated instance
  • Use the project template as a model for other areas to improve efficiency
  • Centralized Jira administration


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