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Building bridges towards a better future with more opportunities.

The projects of the e-Core Foundation reinforce the importance of STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), either through job market preparation or by providing access to information.

Social responsibility for a bright future

Our goal is to distribute 1,000 technical training scholarships by 2025, supporting the qualification of students so they can enter the technology job market. In addition, we continuously encourage our team of e-Coreans to volunteer in actions that promote the development of STEM skills for students, making this area even more accessible for different social groups, especially minorities.

We believe we have a role in creating a more diverse and inclusive society.

We seek to create opportunities to empower and impact people through technology.


people impacted by e-Core Foundation initiatives.

”STEM education has been part of e-Core since its inception and stands out as a powerful tool for social and market transformation. We are committed to taking technology further so that an increasing number of people have access to opportunities that will change their lives for the better!”


Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at e-Core

About e-Core Foundation

The e-Core Foundation supports the journey of new talents in the technology field, as well as fostering social responsibility initiatives. This is done through educational content and free technological courses for beginners, continuing with training and real job opportunities.

Pledge 1%

We are part of Pledge 1%, a global corporate movement launched by Atlassian and other companies that encourages and educates organizations worldwide to commit to donating 1% each year, whether it be from their profit, products, actions, or the time of their employees for voluntary actions of social impact. We commit to donating 1% of our team’s time.


The e-Pledge is e-Core’s Volunteer Program. It was born from our commitment to the Pledge 1% movement, donating 1% of our employees’ time for voluntary actions focused on STEM each year. We believe that access to information is a vital element for the development of the technology and social transformation field.

Meet our partners

The Social Opportunity Institute is a non-profit organization that has been operating for 25 years, offering free face-to-face professional training, focused on technology, for young people and people with disabilities, aiming to insert them into the workforce. IOS has already trained more than 42,000 students in 5 states. Through IOS, we sponsor students with disabilities.
As founders and maintainers, we are committed to supporting the +praTI initiative, a free training portal that prepares people for the technology market, taking into account the most in-demand skills by IT companies and providing students with a solid and up-to-date foundation to enter this highly competitive field.
We are volunteer maintainers of Escola da Nuvem, a non-profit organization that prepares vulnerable students for cloud careers and connects them with employers, with free courses and interactions with experienced professionals in Cloud Computing. The initiative is supported by technology companies committed to the employability of students.
We sponsor the Robotics Team of Colégio Marista Pio XII in Novo Hamburgo (RS), which promotes science and technology in Brazil and around the world. The team participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), a high school global robotics competition, carries out social projects, and fosters robotics in public schools. Girls in Control ensures gender equity. Girls occupy 50% of the leadership positions and 39% of the team.
As sponsors of Mentoralia, we seek to promote the Technovation Girls program in Mexico, empowering young women in technology and developing skills to solve local issues. Girls’ teams compete nationally, and the best have the opportunity to participate in an international summit sponsored by major technology companies, with more than 60 countries represented.

Social transformation is in our DNA

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