Episode: Cloud Migration, Maturity, Modernization and Security

Published: June 29, 2022

Migration of business applications, data and systems to Cloud are not new ideas. There’s been a pretty obvious global trend in migrating business software and systems to Cloud over the past decade or longer. But how do you ensure you’re doing cloud migration or modernization the right way?

In this episode of the e-Core Connections, our podcast moderator Bruce Guptill – an IT industry analyst from Addressable Markets LLC and Global Analyst Syndicate, talks with Tom Scott from the Open Alliance for Cloud Adoption (OACA), Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and Chief Application Security Architect at ADP.

The conversation covers key cloud architecture, maturity, migration, and security issues that enterprise clients need to understand – and know how to work on with services partners. 

The podcast dive in deeper and discuss topics including:

  • The need to balance the speed of cloud vs. the speed of business
  • The danger that comes with assuming adequate security is included and whether “good enough” is really secure
  • Cloud maturity and adoptions strategies
  • And the importance of having a trusted service provider to help anticipate, adapt, avoid, and fix problems

If your business is planning a cloud migration or modernization, this episode will help you make sure you do it right the first time.

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Podcast episode:


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