Software Development

Accelerate digital delivery and solve complex software problems with expert advisory, consulting and support services from e-Core.

What we do

A trusted partner to help solve complex development challenges while improving performance, cost control, and flexibility.

Leverage our expert software development resources to accelerate delivery, streamline processes, and improve performance. Whether you need an extended team to work under your direction,  or custom software development services, e-Core has you covered.


The first step in the software development process is a clearly stated scope of work, which includes milestones and deliverables. Defined expectations and transparent communications are critical factors in establishing a functional partnership for software development consulting services

Planning and Design

Key stakeholders then collaborate on a strategy to solve complex software development issues. This includes making decisions about software development tools and implementing software development best practices.

Assignment of Responsibilities

Once expectations are defined and a software development strategy is in place, responsibilities are divided out among team members. This supports transparent communications and ensures agreement on all deliverables.

Software Implementation

Software development and implementation will vary from one organization to the next, and even from one project to the next within the same organization. e-Core will apply their experience with traditional and agile software development, to ensure that best practices are applied throughout your implementation.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Once development has commenced, we will conduct or support software testing and quality assurance to ensure that all errors, bugs, and issues are identified and addressed before the delivery of the finished software product.

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