Prime Managed Services
for Atlassian Solutions

Continuously align your Atlassian environment with your business evolution and growth.

Which of those challenges of optimizing Atlassian do you identify today?

Shortage of technical resources with experience using Atlassian automations and integrations, causing wasted efforts and resources.

Lack of processes related to root cause analysis and incident resolution, leading to instability and less reliability in the environment.

Need to connect processes to larger team and organizational goals to eliminate roadblocks and maintain alignment.

Incomplete license cost-effectiveness management strategy inflating software costs.

Siloed data causing lack of transparency, making it impossible to measure ROI or gains in efficiency, productivity, or reliability.

Data security vulnerabilities, ineffective permissions management, and difficulty meeting regulatory requirements.

e-Core combines the knowledge, experience, and technical expertise to help you overcome these challenges and continuously improve your Atlassian environment.

With Prime Managed Services you

Rely on a multidisciplinary team, highly specialized in Atlassian to evolve the environment and empower users.

Have specialized support to implement automations in tools and processes to reduce manual tasks, improve efficiency and reduce errors.

Can integrate Atlassian applications with other tools throughout the organization, consolidating data from different sources to eliminate data silos and improve transparency and visibility.

Align processes with business objectives.

Have unlimited hours of support for agile management of incidents, with multichannel service (email, ticket and collaboration tools), reports and SLAs for superior security of the environment.

Increase cost-efficiency with licenses and access using Atlassian Access, supported by a specialized team.

we do

Whether you’re on Cloud or on-premise deployment, we match technical support and training with ongoing Atlassian consulting, covering strategy, execution, and monitoring of your Atlassian environment.

By providing recurring services, we:
  • Ensure the Atlassian environment’s availability, reliability, scalability, and users’ best experience.
  • Proactively help companies align Atlassian tools with business strategy, ensuring our customers are always future-proofed when managing their Atlassian environment.

Management & Support

e-Core provides expert technical resources with deep experience in utilizing, optimizing, and managing Atlassian environments.

We cover your license management, solution maintenance, security updates and channel your internal resources to higher-level, strategic objectives.
We also provide training for employees, documentation of processes and process changes, and alignment of Atlassian environment and solutions with business objectives.


Our team will not only make the best use of existing Atlassian solutions, we will also make recommendations for improvements, automations, and updates that will ensure you have the tools you need to support future success.

The optimizations and updates recommended, implemented and maintained by e-Core will help your company evolve:
  • to meet organizational goals,
  • improve agility and data security,
  • scale and grow,
  • and modernize and transform your business.

How we deliver it

Assessment &

We define the best strategy for your Atlassian environment based on our Assessment and Health Checks.

Support, Management & Evolution

An expert team proactively supports your Atlassian tools to sustain your business growth.

Future Success:
Next steps

We guide you so you can make the best decisions regarding your Atlassian environment to continuously evolve your tools and your business.

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Why choose e-Core to care for your Atlassian environment?

High level of technical expertise

We’re among the top 5 partners with the most certified professionals on a global level.


At the 2020 Atlassian Remote Summit, we were announced as one of the leading Cloud Enterprise Partners.

In 2022, we became the first partner in the world to win all the three Atlassian specializations available: Cloud, Agile at Scale and ITSM


In 2021, 100% of our customers who answered the e-Core NPS would recommend our services to a friend or colleague.

Long-term Relationship

We’re an Atlassian Solution Partner Enterprise with over 14 years of experience successfully delivering projects for a wide variety of companies.

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