Platform Modernization

Modernize and accelerate cloud adoption with cost-savings of 40-55% while maintaining high quality standards.

The e-Core way

Are you struggling with a lack of cloud engineers or expertise? 

Our end-to-end approach leverages the benefits of a high-performing and resource-efficient cloud-native architecture to reimagine and rebuild your applications.

Our team provides tailored support and guidance at any stage of your project, from start to finish.

How can we help accelerate your transformation journey?


Create a cloud strategy with an outcome-based roadmap addressing the best approach for your business amid multi-cloud environment options.

→ Our service starts with a customized assessment of your goals, maturity level, and environment.


Create a secure, resilient, and adaptable platform that enhances operational excellence.

→ We define your modernization goals to determine optimal cloud architecture and maximize scalability and application performance.


Define application grouping based on cost, time, and value to build optimal migration paths.

→ We map cloud services, applications, and infrastructure components to define the Move Groups and migrate efficiently.


Seamlessly migrate applications to the Cloud without business interruption.

→ Our dedicated team of cloud certified experts seamlessly and securely migrate your data and applications to the cloud.


Embrace cloud-native modernization by adopting a cloud-first approach.

→ We add cloud-native components to modernize the applications and maximize the benefits of the cloud deployment, such as affordable scalability, cost-savings and future-ready applications.


Optimize your cloud environment while building a framework for future success.

→ Reduce IT overhead and focus on core competencies while we continuously manage, monitor and support Cloud applications to keep the environment responsive and optimized over time.

Check with us to see if you qualify for funding programs to reduce the cost of your cloud assessment and migration

Why e-Core?

Nearshore Delivery Center

The sweet spot between
cost-effectiveness and
high-quality deliveries.

Cost savings
from 40 to 55%

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Offices in NY, delivery centers in Brazil and Mexico

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Real-time collaboration
• USA time-zone fit


+800 application modernization projects delivered

+100 certifications in cloud computing, application development, web services and project management methods.


“It’s been a really positive experience working with e-Core. They all speak English very well. The hours are great as they overlap with our New York office… The projects we’ve worked on with e-Core, over 30 at this point, they’ve all been completed on time, within budget. I definitely would recommend e-Core to other companies.”

Jordan Saletan, Senior Director in the Technology Management Division at Priceline.

Certifications & Recognitions

We’re knowledgeable in several technologies that enable impactful deliveries.


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