Establishing Your Understanding of Cybersecurity Posture & Moving Beyond Its Core

Published: November 7, 2022

The summer of 2022 finds the state of cybersecurity in a bit of flux. Cybersecurity buyers need to account for multiple surfaces, the defense of applications, and how to prevent their chances of attack or find the attacker more quickly if that misfortune happens. Buyers are hearing low-code/no code, and extended Detection and Response (EDR) and remain afraid of technology obsolescence and vendor lock-in. At the same time, cybersecurity vendors of both software and services have to shore up their roadmaps. Like their buyers, the need to find the sweet spot for their technology stack and understand where to place bets in the future.

Before buyers and vendors give way to the dynamics of cybersecurity advancements, perhaps a good level setting is needed. Okay, that will not quite get it, but at least a discussion of where the cybersecurity industry is at presently, what the best practices in cybersecurity posture are, and what trends are being observed is a good starting point.

In this session of the e-Core Connections ’22 Conference, Chris Kissel, Research Vice President in IDC’s Security & Trust Products group will cover the following topics:

  • When to do-it-yourself is the better option as opposed to managed security services;
  • Whether to deploy on-premises versus a cloud-based architecture;
  • What the market forecast is for cloud-native XDR and Tier 2 SOC analytics;
  • How to manage applications;
  • What are the recent buyer trends in security;
  • How to establish resilience in the network in cyber security.

Finding the proper mix of people, processes, and technology’ is never easily achieved, but at least understanding the cybersecurity landscape can help in some measure.

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