The Ownership Factor

Published: November 7, 2022

In this session of the e-Core Connections ’22 Conference, Spencer Horn, international Speaker, Team Performance Authority, and Exec Coaching. Spencer will cover how taking 100% responsibility for the results in your business and life gives you the power and improves achievement.

Learn how taking 100% ownership of your current results gives you the power to improve future results. Discover the conditions and behaviors that keep you stuck. Identify and implement the steps to achieve the results you desire in your work and life.

Spencer uses personal experiences and inspiring stories that help motivate you to take action. Like many are experiencing, hardships can be a catalyst for positive change. You will learn about how to unleash the power to achieve desired change and goals. You will commit to taking ownership of the outcomes in your life and decide if you want a job, a career, or calling in your chosen vocation.

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