What’s Your Biggest Server to Cloud Migration Fear?

Published: August 11, 2021

Okay, so you know server to cloud migration is coming. It’s inevitable. Atlassian ended new server license sales on February 2nd, 2021. A year later it will end server upgrades and downgrades. A year after that, it ends new app sales for server. Support ends the year after that. So, you have to migrate. What’s your biggest fear?

Atlassian Cloud Migration Most Common Concern
Well, if you’re like the majority of attendees in a recent webinar, the hassle of migrating is your biggest concern. Tempo invited e-Core Consulting to contribute to a recent webinar, Server to Cloud Migration – Taking the Right Path . We get it! Honestly, worries about the migration process itself are our customers’ most prevalent concerns. Process ranks higher than data protection, downtime or cost concerns.

5 best practices for cloud migration
In the webinar, Allison Carlson , Atlassian Consultant for e-Core Consulting, describes 5 best practices for cloud migration. She outlines the 3 potential migration paths. She offers details on e- Core Consulting’s three-phase migration journey: assessment, preparation and migration. Fortunately, an Atlassian Partner like e-Core Consulting can make the process as painless as possible.

Consultants also have the advantage of having done many migrations. They have seen issues before. They bring a suite of best practices, they provide the extra labor for a quicker result. In the webinar Carlson said:

“Undergoing a Jira migration or consolidation is a daunting task for any organization. But following the best practices outlined in the session helped to complete a successful migration to the cloud.”

Alisson Carlson – Atlassian Software Consultant

The goal is to plan well so everything goes smoothly, she added, “So there are no showstoppers.” She described a very large and successful server to cloud migration for a client. It is a large, global insurance company in the healthcare space. The client had Jira and Confluence with more than 2,500 users, 100-plus projects, 50-plus spaces and 1,000 customers. It operated 16 marketplace apps in Jira including Tempo. The company had 250,000 pages in Confluence.

Common Cloud Migration Myths
Also in the free webinar, Daniel Scott, Product Marketing Director, Tempo, dispels cloud migration myths . He addresses security, apps availability and cost. About cost he said, trying to compare server versus cloud apps, “You’re really comparing apples to airplanes.” He and Carlson emphasized looking at the total cost of ownership. Carlson added that cloud offers better ROI It also has advantages in time to value and innovation. Cloud helps you ship new products and services faster.

Scott also addressed the inevitability of migration. “About 80% of Fortune 500 companies have an Atlassian Cloud license. More than 90% of new customers choose cloud first. ” Carlson added, “At e-Core we have seen a huge uptake in the number of companies that are reaching out to us to have us assist with their migrations.” The less-than-an-hour webinar is free. It includes a Question-and-Answer session.

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