e-Core and Tempo invite you to the webinar: 

Align, Adapt, Achieve: Mastering SPM with Tempo Software and Jira


April 10th


11 AM (EST)



Dan Teixeira

NA Managing Director at e-Core



Jeremy Stark

Product Manager at Tempo

In this engaging session, Dan Teixeira (e-Core) and Jeremy Stark (Tempo Software) will guide you through the practical steps of implementing Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) solutions, emphasizing how they drive strategic alignment and operational excellence.

Discover why SPM is critical for aligning projects with strategic objectives, optimizing resources, and enhancing decision-making capabilities.

You’ll gain insights into overcoming common challenges and leveraging strategic opportunities for your portfolio management initiatives.

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Key Takeaways

Identifying Core Challenges: Understand common pitfalls in portfolio management, including misalignment with strategic objectives, inadequate visibility, and inconsistent processes across teams.

Strategic Alignment through SPM: Learn how implementing an SPM solution can help align projects with organizational goals, optimize resources efficiently, and increase agility in planning and execution.

Practical Implementation Roadmap: Dive into a detailed approach for engaging stakeholders, aligning tools and processes, and establishing a continuous improvement plan. 

Technical Deep Dive: Explore the technical considerations and benefits of leveraging advanced SPM tools for hierarchical project visualization, strategic roadmapping, detailed planning and scheduling, cost tracking, and simplified time reporting.

Tempo’s Innovative Solutions: Get an exclusive look at how Tempo’s suite, integrated with Jira, revolutionizes SPM with tools like Structure, Roadmunk, and LiquidPlanner

Who Should Attend:

Technology company executives, portfolio managers, project managers, and team members looking to master the art of portfolio management through the implementation of strategic solutions.